Jason Wu for Target- My Experience!

When Target launched Missoni for Target, I really enjoyed reading about everyone’s shopping experiences, so this time around I thought it would be fun to share mine!  I was super excited about this collection when they announced it last year, and even more excited when the lookbook came out in January.  Knowing how crazy the whole Missoni for Target situation was, I planned to be prepared as possible! Check out what I bought below and then keep reading for the full story :)

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I don’t normally get in a tizzy about this sort of thing, but I really really wanted many of the pieces in the collection!  I think what I really liked about this collection was that it appealed to women of all ages and sizes.  Take the navy poplin dress- I feel like that would look great on so many people!  So I tried to be smart about it- I made my wishlist, narrowed it down below a certain amount, and started setting aside money back in January.

Saturday night, I was on twitter and stalking the Target Style Facebook page because nobody knew exactly when the collection would be released.  I was prepared to stay up all night and was constantly refreshing the Target website, Twitter and Facebook (shout-out to the ladies who were right there with me- Casee Marie and Courtney! :)

Midnight EST came and went (when many thought the collection would go live) with nothing available for purchase yet.  But then, 20-30 minutes later, pieces went live!  I was frantically refreshing my computer (because not everyone could see the pieces at first) and my roommate was definitely laughing at my hysteria, but then he sat down next to me and started trying to find the items on his computer too.  Meanwhile, I was freaking out because people on Facebook were saying that they snagged this item, or that item, and I was afraid I wouldn’t get anything.  But then, miracle of all miracles, I was able to add the black pleated skirt to my cart!

Too scared to wait for the other items I wanted to go live, I immediately bought the skirt (I, of course, had pre-filled all  of my personal information earlier so I wouldn’t have to waste time at checkout).  I also tried to score the navy poplin dress, but sadly, that sold out within minutes (while I was still struggling to view any of the items from the collection).  It was a little bit of madness because you had to search around the website for the pieces since the direct link wasn’t really working at the time. With the help of the ladies on twitter, I soon snagged the Milu scarf as well!  I adored the Milu tote, but was really wavering on whether or not I was willing to spend $40 on it.  However, my roommate surprised me by purchasing it for me (he sneakily bought it on his computer while I wasn’t looking and then had the confirmation email sent to me ;)!  After that, I just had one more item on my must-have list, the black-and-white flap purse, which went live a little while later :)

After purchasing my final item, I was on a shopping high for being lucky enough to snag everything on my list but one item!  Buzzing from the adrenaline, I couldn’t fall asleep right away and keep refreshing the page just to make sure the navy poplin dress wasn’t coming back ;)

Even though it was a bit stressful worrying that I wasn’t going to get anything, it was not as bad of as experience as I feared it would be!  I definitely had fun chatting with the other ladies who were up in the wee hours being just as crazy about the collection as I was :)  Now the waiting for my items begins!

Tell me: Did you shop Jason Wu for Target this weekend?  What were you able to grab?

Update: I GOT THE NAVY POPLIN DRESS!  It came back in stock online yesterday and I snatched it right up!  Now my list is complete :)

2nd Update: They cancelled my order, boo!  So I’m still on the hunt for the Navy Poplin Dress in a size 4 or 6. Let me know if anyone has any leads and thanks so much!

Also, I sent out Correspondence Club partners yesterday, so if you signed up and didn’t get an email from me, let me know!

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  1. Despina wrote:

    i didn’t shop but i saw many of the items he designed and they are just perfect.love that bag and the scarf :) nice post

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  2. That’s so awesome; can’t believe you got the navy dress too!! Bravo!

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  3. liz wrote:

    I got the pieces I had my eye on, but had to be at Target at 8 AM to do so. I love the cat bag & scarf, but that was the first thing everyone ran to…giving me time to get the navy dress!

    CUTE STUFF! I want to wear it now, but none of it is very wintery.

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  4. Courtney wrote:

    I loved sitting up and e-shopping and chatting with your guys! And I was also really glad I was able to get the pieces I did, normally I don’t much care about this kind of thing either but I was so smitten with so many of the pieces…

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  5. lovely bag and foulard I will wear em too!!



    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  6. laura wrote:

    Nnenna, I really love the pieces you’ve picked. I want that scarf super bad!!! I’m scared to go to Target and find them gone though :(

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    Nice job! I heard everything sold out super quickly (surprise!) and I haven’t even been to a Target since I’m trying to cut back on my clothes-buying. I really loved that navy dress, though!

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  8. Amber wrote:

    Congrats on scoring that dress. I really wanted it too and got to my Target pretty early but they had already sold out in my size. bummertown.

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  9. I wanted the Milu scarf so bad :(

    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  10. really jealous of all your purchases! such great/fun pieces!


    Posted 2.7.12 Reply
  11. Eli wrote:

    The Target I went to didn’t have any of the stuff (and I refuse to shop online for these things because of you what you mentioned above). But have hopes of finding them soon after the hoopla has died down :)

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  12. I enjoyed hearing your story – that sounded like a crazy time! I’m glad to hear you got everything you wanted.. including the dress!

    I thought the pieces were super cute – I wish Target shipped to New Zealand!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  13. Yay! I loved reading about your experience – and I loved being part of it! I’m so glad you officially got everything on your list with the poplin dress. I love the jersey dress but I was totally smitten with those a-lines so I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t talk myself into snatching the black one (I had it in my cart with my last order but took it out at the last minute). I don’t typically get this excited over collabs either – actually, the only other Target collab I have is a Rodarte dress – but there’s something so lovely about this one. My mom and I were talking about it today (she bought another dress too, haha) and we were saying the way it’s all so classic but has a lot of personality just makes it so easy to like!

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  14. brittany wrote:

    Girl, you are going to love your pieces and that navy poplin dress is gorgeous! Have a great weekend doll xx

    Brittany Arroyos


    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  15. Cara wrote:

    I didn’t even try cause our Target was a nightmare for the Missoni launch. Love the tote and the scarf you picked up, they will be such great basics for spring!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  16. Jeanie wrote:

    I’m super jealous of your roommate buying you a gift, that’s so sweet of him.

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  17. tracy wrote:

    Your scored some beautiful items. I love the adorable cat. Your roommate must be very sweet getting you that tote.

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  18. i finally made it yesterday and everything was too big for me… i wish i had the strength to face the crowds but never done it… maybe one day I’ll do it if tom ford does the collaboration… ha!

    Posted 2.9.12 Reply