She’s a Velvet Lady

Thrifted* Dress, Shanghai Eclipse Pendant c/o JewelMint,
Forever 21* Earrings and Necklace, Black Tights/Wedges (old)

This was such an eventful and fun weekend for me! On Friday, I was so pumped to go to these blogger events, starting off with Lulu’s NYFW Style Studio. Since I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of time after work to get ready, I laid out my outfit the night before.  After trying on a couple of different things, I settled on this little velvet mini dress. I found it at Saver’s for a steal and I absolutely love it! Plus, on a cold New York night, I knew that the long sleeves and thick velvet fabric would keep me warm. I’m also wearing this awesome necklace from Jewelmint that I think makes such a statement! It paired perfectly with my dress- I love the combination of black and gold. :)

The lovely Alex took these pictures using a neat little photography trick- she took one of her business cards and used it to diffuse the flash. I love that with that simple trick these pictures don’t have the harshness that comes with flash!  We also hung out with Jamillah and Katy the whole night, who were a blast as usual :) Check back for more pictures and details of the event on Wednesday!

P.S. If you want to snag your own JewelMint piece, you can enter ny1002 at checkout for 50% off any piece (your first month of JewelMint), courtesy of the New York MBA Team!

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  1. Melanie wrote:

    Isn’t Savers amazing? I’m in loooove, haha. I get the best cardigans from there! Absolutely loving your dress! Your whole outfit is too cute :)

    I’m in NY, too! Unfortunately not for fashion week, but I might head out in that direction tomorrow. I’m upstate visiting my sister :) Hope you’re enjoying NYFW!


    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  2. Courtney wrote:

    I love that dress! I need a thrifting trip asap.

    Courtney ~

    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  3. Lyddiegal wrote:

    sounds like you had such a great time!
    Love your pendant, it’s gorgeous!

    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  4. How fun!! You look so great! :D

    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  5. Adorable dress, girl! So bummed that I had to leave BNO early. It was soooo crowded, no?

    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  6. I wish the photos came out a bit sharper, but at least they’re not horrifically blown out with the flash :P I definitely like the two necklaces, so next time I think you should go for three!

    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  7. Eee, so fun! (And I’m jealous you got to hang out with Jamillah. Isn’t that lady the best? Wish I could’ve been there!) You look totally gorgeous – I’m just loving that dress, and the necklaces are perfect!

    Posted 2.13.12 Reply
  8. Great outfit! You made a good choice. Wish I could have attended.

    Posted 2.14.12 Reply
  9. Imogen wrote:

    I absolutely love velvet, I wish there was more velvet clothing around. I adore your dress, you look fabulous. This reminds me that I should wear my velvet dress soon.

    Posted 2.14.12 Reply