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After the heat wave a couple of weeks ago, we had a pre-fall day where the temperature dipped into the 60s. Although I had to do a double take when I saw the weather widget on my phone, I’m not going to lie- it was a welcome break from the oppressive humidity. I love the summertime, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be excited for fall too!

You see, sweaters are my favorite and I love when it’s cool enough to wear them. A good chunk of my closet is taken up by sweaters, of both the pullover and cardigan varieties. I’ve even had the urge to knit something lately, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I love something simple like this gray and white colorblocked sweater or this cute cropped peace and love sweater. Also, how great is the sweater in the picture above? I love the colors and the texture, and hello- stripes!

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  1. Jenmarie wrote:

    Yes! I’m already quite anxious for cooler weather! Sweaters are just so warm and comfortable.

    Posted 7.31.13 Reply
  2. YES. So much yes. Summer is a lot of fun and it’s got this wonderfully liberating feeling to it, but I’m already kind of over scrounging around for the lightest-weight clothes in my closet because it’s too darn hot for anything else, you know? That one fall-like day was amazing, I threw open all the windows right away and I even wore a scarf! It was awesome. ;)

    Posted 7.31.13 Reply
  3. Lyddiegal wrote:

    I’ll admit, that sweater is pretty cute, but we spend a far larger portion of the year wearing them than our summer clothes, so I’m not quite ready to start wishing for sweater weather.

    Posted 7.31.13 Reply
  4. Nikki Odeluga wrote:

    I’ll take being cold over being hot, ANY DAY.
    I love the way you wear sweaters, but I’m sometimes at a loss for how to wear them myself.

    Posted 8.1.13 Reply
  5. Nikki M wrote:

    i love the beginning of fall where you can wear light sweaters but still have your feet out! Fall is my FAVE overall!

    Posted 8.1.13 Reply
  6. Eli wrote:

    GIRL, we’ve had nothing but sweater weather in SF, it’s kind of insane!! I’m jealous.

    Posted 8.2.13 Reply
  7. Kimberlee wrote:

    I’m SO ready for sweater weather!

    Posted 8.7.13 Reply