Borrowed from the Boys

plaid shirts for women, black beanie, black sneakers, plaid for women, casual outfit, gray plaid shirt, old navy plaid shirt

Most of these clothes look like they could have come from my little brothers’ closet, but I don’t mind because this outfit was so darn comfortable. Last year I fully embraced sneakers and now I wear my black pair on the regular. I also finally tracked down a plain black beanie. It was a little bit harder to find than you’d think! Most of the ones I saw had some sort of phrase on them or were surprisingly overpriced.

plaid shirts for women, black beanie, curls, long hair curls, gray plaid shirt, old navy plaid shirt,

When I’m wearing a more masculine look like this one, I like to add some feminine touches for balance. I got a curling wand over the holiday break and I’ve been having fun playing around with it. It makes it so easy to curl my hair, which is great for someone as lazy as I am.

plaid shirts for women, black beanie, black sneakers, plaid for women, casual outfit, gray plaid shirt, old navy plaid shirt

It was another quiet weekend for me. I’ve been spending most of my weekends in this month in an attempt to save money. Sometimes it sucks a little, but I don’t mind too much because my introvert self is happiest when I have an extended amount of alone time. Plus, if I really do want to work on my resolution of getting my finances in order, I had to cut back. Instead of going out, I picked up some knitting, worked on a video for my youtube channel, and sat down to write a letter. Let me know if you did anything fun this weekend and I’ll live vicariously through you!

plaid shirts for women, black beanie, black sneakers, plaid for women, casual outfit, gray plaid shirt, old navy plaid shirt

Outfit Details: Old Navy plaid shirtAmerican Eagle hi-rise jeggings, black sneakers c/o Aeropostale, ribbed beanie c/o Boohoo | Lips- NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte | photos- my sister

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  1. Rachelle wrote:

    I always love a nice plaid shirt and this one is awesome.


    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  2. sartorialsidelines wrote:

    I love this – it may be a bit masculine but it looks damn cool! I’m entering a period of staying in for a bit so I can save money and get caught up on sleep, so I’ll need to find people to live vicariously through as well.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  3. Kimberlee wrote:

    I shop the boys section constantly lol Great look!

    Glad you’re being responsible with your responses :) but don’t hide away too much!

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  4. I seriously love this outfit! It looks great and comfortable too

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  5. You’re so right about plain black beanies being hard to find. I searched long and hard for one for my husband before randomly finding one while waiting on line at TJ Maxx.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  6. SHE Jenmarie wrote:

    Your loose curls are so pretty! Glad you were able to find a few things to do at home to keep you busy :)

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  7. I’m totally up this style alley. I have a bit of a tomboy vibe to my style anyway (well, depending on the day! hah) so I totally dig this. =)


    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  8. Lyddiegal wrote:

    In the winter, I think it’s so easy to just stay in. It’s cold, and especially for you in the city, it’s like a whole ordeal just to get somewhere. I’m planning on spending the weekend in NYC in Feb. for Sean’s birthday, and since that is how he wants to celebrate, that is what we will do, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to trudging around the city in the cold and I’m already stressing over what to wear.

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  9. heather wrote:

    LOVE this look. I’m a total tomboy on my days off and I’m okay with that. You def. pull off the tomboy look.


    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  10. On Fridays at work, I tend to wear a pink plaid shirt as a cardigan because it’s warm and comfy!

    Posted 1.27.15 Reply