Looking Forward To…

Last week, we had a few days of really nice weather- sunny and around 50/60 degrees.  Of course this meant that I immediately started to pretend that spring had come, even though I knew better.  I went out with bare legs and wore my lighter coat!  I also created these sets, dreaming about how I would bare my legs in even warmer weather.  Today I drew back my curtains to discover that it had snowed again, so I’m just going to close my curtains and pretend it’s spring in my little room.

1. Linen Blend-Short w/ Striped Belt: $14.80- I love the navy color and crispness of these shorts, as well as the preppy striped belt that they come with.  Both would be great basic additions to my closet!
2. Tulip Romper: $12.50- I didn’t really jump on the romper trend last season because I was worried that they would look terrible on me.  Since then I’ve realized that it’s all about the fit, so I’m ready to try again, and what better romper to start with than this delightful, springy number? =)
3. Fab Denim Shorts: $10.50- Dark denim shorts at a really good price?  Yes, please!

1. Twelve Gore Skirt: $15.80- This is a very classic-looking skirt and I simply love the silver buttons going down the front.
2. Mid Striped Skirt: $16.80- I haven’t tried the midi length on my body (I’m still coming round to maxis!) but this skirt looked so good on the model that I just had to include it.  Plus, I really need some more stripes in my life!
3. Striped Ruffled Skirt: $16.80- Stripes! Fun! Summery!  Can it be mine, please? :D


1. Leatherette Gladiator Sandals: $23.80- I love how it laces up in the front (I’ve been really into my lace-up boots all winter!) and the zipper in the back is essential!
2. Braided Leatherette Sandals: $19.80- I really like the low wedge on these and the color would fill a gap in my shoes collection.
3. Canvas Mary Jane Flats: $16.80- Too. Cute. For. Words!
4. Double Ankle Strap Wedges: I think this give off a really cool, modern vibe and would look amazing paired with many a spring/summer dress!
5. Cutout Suedette Wedges: $26.80- The cutouts give the toesies a little breather/look cool and I really like the chunky heel.

Tell me- which of these picks do you like?
Happy President’s Day everyone! =)


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  1. Kate says

    I love the romper & the striped midi skirt! Soo cute! I can't wait for bare leg weather! Thanks so much for your sweet comment the other day!

  2. mimi says

    i cannot wait for ALL of this stuff! especially skirts and sandals! but i dunno about the long and midlength skirts. mine have to be MINI always!

  3. Angga Heinrich says

    Hey girl!! I've been missing your blog in my blog roll, I havent been going around since been so busy at work. Anyway I really love the whole inspiration, I really love the ruffle skirts, but what I've ben wanting is red plaid skirt for this spring

  4. Nnenna says

    Cool! If you try one, do let me know what you think because we're around the same height, right? I know- come spring break I am going to do so much shopping! :)

  5. Ashley says

    I'm thinking I'm going to try out a mid-length skirt exactly like the one you posted (maybe sans stripes, though…I don't want to draw anymore attention to my big girl thighs!). The clingyness worries me a little bit, but we'll see. Man, I can't WAIT to go shopping for spring stuff!

  6. Styleshewrote says

    Great selections — at great prices, too! Love the tulip romper and wedges especially. xo style, she wrote

  7. Nnenna says

    I agree!! I want all of those things to come my way too! I have decided that I am definitely a warm weather gal! :D

  8. Nnenna says

    I know, tell me about it! I'm comforting myself with the fact that in less than two weeks I'll be in my sunny home state of CA!

  9. The Laugh Slut says

    I can't wait for spring to come! It's getting sunnyish…still in the 50s here but I'm so stoked! Goodbye sweatpants, jeans, and sweatshirts and hello sheer fabric, dresses, skirts, shorts, wedges, AHH THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


  10. Annebethbels says


    everything you posted is SO cute and cheap to boot! the striped skirt is my favorite :)

  11. Laura Tenshi says

    I am looking forward to wearing these too, but we have so much snow here now. I might have to wait for another month until I can start dreaming about skirts and wedges.

  12. Cat says

    Epps! Bare legs?!?!? It is hard to imagine for me (it is still snowy and COLD in Wisconsin) but I am so happy for you. Nothing beats being able to dress a bit lighter as the weather starts warming up. :)

  13. Lindsay says

    i love all these pieces especially that floral romper! i'm so disappointed it snowed again, it felt like spring was finally here!


  14. Nnenna says

    It is! I hope it's still in stores because I think its no longer online! Thanks so much for the follow! :)

  15. Nnenna says

    Hey Angga, I was missing you too! I was just going through my google reader and for some reason it wasn't updating your posts for me, but now it's all better! A red plaid skirt sounds cute- I'll let you know if I run into one while I'm late-night online shopping :D

  16. julie iliana says

    hurry to your local Target! ha, I feel like an advertisement. I should seriously buy all these things in your sets because 1. not only are the prices amazing, but I want everything! especially that striped maxi, though I feel I'm too short to wear those. boohoo! and 2. it is SO hot in Miami! (sorry to complain about that seeing that you're stuck in snow) :S

    and I'm definitely going to follow :)

  17. Laura says

    haha! a VERY similar thing just happened to me. i obviously had bare legs in my last post, and it was super sunny and warm… today, though, i should have worn a coat. for sure.

  18. zarna says

    i love all of the shorts :)

    we've been enjoying some warmer weather, i hope it doesn't get cold again!!