Around Nnenna’s Nest #1

Anthro collage 1

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As a new blog feature, I thought it would be fun to show you guys little bits and pieces of my home!  =) When I moved into my new apartment, one of the things I was most excited about was decorating my new place.  Even though I lived in a cute apartment over the summer (I was subletting from a friend), it’s so nice to have a place to call your own.  One of my first stops for home goods was Anthropologie where I picked up the pretty measuring cups, tea towel, and bowls pictured above.  Afterwards, I found those sweet little measuring spoons in a store called Bowery Kitchen in Chelsea Market.  Lastly, I spotted that star-shaped napkin holder during an Ikea trip and it was love at first sight.  I mean, isn’t it just perfect for me?!  All of these things contribute to making our apartment more homey and of course it’s more fun to cook with cute utensils! =)

Tell me: What’s your favorite item in your kitchen and where did you find it?

Also, I had a great time this past weekend on my first trip to Washington, D.C.- pictures to come on Friday!

  • This is an exciting feature! I love those cups. They’re so unique! My favorite piece in my kitchen are my Hello Kitty measuring spoons!

  • Great new feature! :)
    I would have to say my favorite kitchen item is an old, huge pot that belonged to my great-grandma. We always use it to cook a Japanese stew for the new year, and my grandma has said that she will pass it along to me someday.

  • i am lusting after those bowls!! and my favorite part of my kitchen is the huge sign from the farmers market that says “a south carolina made product”…kitcshy and cute :) happy wednesday!

  • Everything’s so cute! There’s actually very little in my kitchen that’s cute…I don’t spend much time in there and pretty much just have the basics with no frills.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • great new items, love the cups I like you style!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  • Those bowls are DARLING!!! I love the houseware at Anthropologie. I love the tea cups I acquired from my Mom; they were one of her wedding presents!!

  • I love this feature. Anthro is one of my favorites for home goods too – I adore their prints!

  • TJ

    all of these are just so beautiful! can’t wait to see other little snippets of your lovely home!
    xo TJ

  • Gertrude

    The cups are so cute! I don’t live on my own, so nothing in my kitchen is really mine hehe

  • Knew those were anthropologie bc I heart them! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  • I don’t have cute little things like this….you are inspiring me to get some though!

  • Really cute patterns. I need to get some more dishes and cups and things; our collection has dwindled over the years as they’ve broken and we’ve moved. Will have to check out Anthropologie. :)

  • I LOVE all of anthros homegoods…. but i usually satisfy my need for cute things in the kitchen with trips to the thrift store and tjmaxx. I love my fry pans that have bold floral prints on them, and vintage pyrex mixing bowls.

  • Thanks for your comment hun! Xx and your blog looks so great.

  • Gorgeous! I love, LOVE those Anthro latte bowls; I use mine for everything.
    xo Josie

  • I love those cups, and Anthropologie home in general. Have you ever been to Fishs Eddy in Flatiron? I think you would really like that store!

  • I agree it is amazing to have a place that is your very own. Decorating is so much fun. I love all of your beautiful items.

  • Too cute, I love those measuring cups they’re so unique.

  • you have such adorable kick-nats! my favorite kitchen item i have found so far is a vintage wooden cookie jar :) i hope that this week has treated you well!!

    xx jamie

  • I love Anthropologie, they have the cutest home decor (not to mention clothes) and I’m very partial to their kitchen stuff. I have a few of their bowls that I can’t wait to use, I’m saving them for my future place. I love the measuring spoons they are too adorable.

    I have a good amount of stuff for my future kitchen, mostly little stuff, one of my favorite things is my tea pot shaped timer. It is so cute, I hope to paint it though since it is just white.

    Great post and great kitchen stuff.