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Handmade Holidays

Welcome to the first post in my new Handmade Holidays series! In these posts, I’ll be putting together some of my ideas/selections to hopefully inspire you during the holiday season. As I mentioned in this post, I’m making a conscious effort to shop handmade as much as possible this year, so those are mostly the type of items I’ll be showing you all. To start off, it’s not too early to be thinking about your holiday greeting cards!

Top: Keep Calm and Jingle On // Christmas Tree Mod
Bottom: Baby It’s Cold Outside Postcards // Twitter Holiday Cards

Top: Christmas Cards- Falling Stars // Holiday Cards- Snowfall
Bottom: Letterpress Holiday Cupcake Cards // Happy Holidays Eco-Friendly Greetings

Even if I don’t have the funds to buy presents for as many people as I want to, I can at least send them cards to let them know that I’m thinking of them! It’s so nice to receive a note in the mail and these handmade cards will make the note even more special :)

  1. Keep Calm and Jingle On: A cute twist on the popular phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.”
  2. Christmas Tree Mod: The design of the Christmas tree on these cards reminds me of stained glass- lovely!
  3. Baby It’s Cold Outside Postcards: The title of one of my favorite holiday songs, paired with a cute illustration of a girl and her puppy.
  4. Twitter Holiday Cards: This design was totally made for all us blogger geeks out there- so cute!
  5. Christmas Cards- Falling Stars: I love the dainty falling stars in this pretty design.
  6. Holiday Cards- Snowfall: Beautiful snowflakes (in my mind, they’re the holiday version of stars :).
  7. Letterpress Holiday Cupcake Cards: This reminds me of another wonderful thing about the holidays- all of the sweet treats!
  8. Happy Holidays Eco-Friendly Greetings: A simple and classic design.

Holiday Tip #1: Start writing your holiday cards now (or at least making a list of who you want to send them to)! My family always waits until the last minute and let me tell you, it is chaos trying to send out a 100+ cards to people on Dec. 23rd! It takes time to write a note in the card and address it and you may find that you need to update some outdated mailing addresses. Save yourself some stress and start early! Plus, if you start early and forget some people on your initial list, you’ll still have time to send out a spiffy card to them! =)

Tell me: Which set above is your favorite? Also, feel free to share any of your holiday card tips in the comments below! =)

  • The falling stars cards are my favorite! Good tips on avoiding the last-minute rush – this year I’ve resolved to start early.

  • I love your “keep on” twists – these are such great gifts and great projects too.


  • So exciting about this holiday season!! yeah, i should this about these christmas cards from now. Tks for share some inspirations :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  • I made my list of all the cards I need to send last week and then stocked up on stationary so I could start writing them out…I really wish I’d thought of getting my cards on etsy though…

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    • Way to be ahead of the game! :)

  • Oh! Oh! I love the Keep Calm one! That’s a good card!

  • i’m typically not a holiday card type of person, but love these ideas! maybe enough to change my mind…hmmmm….

    • This will be my first year sending out cards separate from my family so I’m excited to pick out some good ones :)

  • I love everything handmade. These are great picks for Christmas cards. It’s also fun to make your own with a great stamp.

    • Thats also a good idea- I might try a few of those too! :)

  • I love this…
    I recently made a ‘Keep calm and read VL magazine’ for my readers. haha!
    Can’t wait for Christmas!

  • I am loving all of these! My mom is already working on next years cards, she is always way ahead of the game ;) She quilts little squares to put inside those photo cards. This year its ornaments :D Last year it was trees

    • That is such a cute idea! =)

  • Kristen

    “Keep calm, jingle on” – so CUTE! I love these!

  • i’m currently shopping for my set of christmas cards as a “mrs.” thanks for the post!


  • The KEEP ON idea is fantastic – soooo lovely!

  • I meant KEEP CALM…ones! :)

  • Thu

    I love handmade cards, they are so pretty and meaningful. I think I might get my kids to write them this year ;)

  • I love the cupcake card! It’s really cute and I like how it is embossed!

  • I love, love, love that cupcake card. All of the cards in your post are adorable, but I have a special place in my heart for all things cupcake related.

  • Mri

    Adorable ! I love the card with the cupcake so much <3
    Thank you for your comment on my blog ^^

    xxx, Mri

  • those keep on ones are super cute!

  • I love the falling stars and i love that you are buying handmade!

  • Those Keep Calm cards are so. Cute.
    xo Josie

  • I love the keep calm card. Thats a cute twist. I really hope to actually send out Christmas cards this year. Fingers crossed I actually get around to it :)

  • Love this idea, they are all so sweet. I like your idea for hand made, it is very creative.

  • I love homemade gifts! They make me so much happier! xxAnisa

  • these are so cute!! i love sending cards out to peeps around the holidays. (: nnenna, are you going to sign up for the blogger secret santa? you should!!

  • this is cutesy! thanks for sharing!

  • What great card picks! I especially love the falling stars card…adorable. I’ve got to get on my card-writing!

  • Hi Nnenna,

    Thanks so much for posting my cupcake holiday card on your blog. Happy holidays.

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  • Lee Larson

    Thats a cute twist. Love this idea, they are all so sweet.

  • Luella Harper

    I’ve got to get on my card-writing! Good tips on avoiding the last-minute rush – this year I’ve resolved to start early. The falling stars cards are my favorite!

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