Get Your Swap On with!

Creme Floral Print Skirt

If you saw my twitter feed a few days ago, you’ll notice that I posted a bunch of links to a website called  Basically, it’s a site to facilitate online (or local!) swapping: you can list items that you have under various categories (such as Women’s Fashion or Electronics) and you can also add items that you want to your Wants list.  It’s really very easy to use and it’s a great way to give clothes you don’t wear anymore a new life!

Since one of my new year’s resolutions was to purge my closet and change the way I shop (side note: I recently stumbled across this inspiring post about personal style that has some great tips about this topic that I want to follow), I’ve been listing a lot of the stuff that has just been collecting dust in my closet.  I’d rather they go to a new home and to someone who will show them a little more love :)

Here’s a couple of things that I listed:

And here’s a couple of things that I acquired:

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Tell me: Are any of you on