You Might Say I’m a Girly Girl

Forever 21* Cardigan, Swapped* Dress, Steve Madden* Flats

Let’s keep the swap talk going, shall we? :)  I thought it would be appropriate to follow up my last post with an outfit post showing off an item that I swapped!  During the ModSwap event last September, I snagged this pretty dress from Julie of Orchid Grey.  I remember seeing the dress on the rack and thinking, “Oh my gosh, I love this dress!  I hope this fits!  Please fit, please fit!”  I snatched up the dress immediately and raced into the bathroom to try it on, and lo and behold- it fit!

I think I feel best in a dress like this with a girly silhouette.  With the lovely color combination of gray, pink, and purple and the pleated details on this dress, I just couldn’t help but feel pretty! :)

*pictures taken in CA by my sister

Since I’m apparently on a girly kick, check back later in the week for a very girly manicure! :)

Tell me: What’s your go-to silhouette or outfit when you want to feel your best?

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  1. The colours of your outfit are truly beautiful! <3 I love love love the lavender and pink combination!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  2. Josie wrote:

    I love, love that dress!
    xo Josie

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  3. Imogen wrote:

    Stunning dress, those colours are gorgeous. This is totally my style, wish I had that dress.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  4. That dress is so summery and gorgeous! I wish it were warm enough to wear that here in NYC!


    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  5. Sophie wrote:

    That dress is gorgeous on you!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  6. It’s so pretty and fits so well. Like how you paired it with that cardi.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  7. Courtney wrote:

    That dress is so cute on you – what a great swap find!

    Courtney ~

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  8. Alyse wrote:

    Oh boy, I would have snatched that dress right up, too, if I’d seen it. I really like the color combinations. It’s very girly. Kind of makes me think of a cupcake or candy.

    *I didn’t know you were in California until I read the subtext. Thought it must have been super warm up in New York!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  9. Lyddiegal wrote:

    that is such a cute dress, and a tremendously flattering silhouette! Nice swap!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  10. laura wrote:

    Nnenna, that dress is so lovely! I love that it has pink and purple in it! too cute!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  11. Cosmia wrote:

    What a gorgeous dress! I love the colour, the shape, everything! You look beautiful :)

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  12. Lydia wrote:

    This dress is so pretty! I love it, and it looks great on you. I love wearing this shape too.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  13. such a beautiful smile
    i love your dress

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  14. Alexandra wrote:

    Such a sweet girly look! And the color pallet of the dress is absolutely beautiful!



    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  15. Lyosha wrote:

    lovely purple dress! girly sounds perfect when made like yours!

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  16. Yay on pretty dresses!!! I as well feel my best in a pretty dress that is very romantic and girly, so ruffles, pink, bows, and lace is my go to choice! You look lovely in this dress, and I am glad you got it and it fit!!! :)
    Have a very sweet day!
    Good luck!

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  17. you look so cute- nice blog girl!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling & visit <3

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  18. this dress is adorable! I love love love the colors!


    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  19. SUCH a cute blog! We really adore your sense of style! That dress is so fun and chic! You definitely rock it!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  20. Sophie wrote:

    what a great dress! and the pastels are very on trend for spring.

    Sophie x

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  21. Um. This is not New York, hahaha. I love this dress. I’m still jealous of this one and the black lace.

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  22. This colour is so beautiful on you – you look gorgeous!!What a great swap it was :) I love a girly sillouhette too.

    Sadie xx

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  23. Meekay wrote:

    Super cute dress, lovely colour!

    Posted 1.25.12 Reply
  24. Amber wrote:

    I love the pastely colors of this dress and the cardi goes perfectly with it. Very dainty!

    Posted 1.25.12 Reply
  25. Miki wrote:

    What an awesome dress and you look great in it! I don’t usually choose pastel colors, but I have to admit that I’d totally wear this dress!

    Posted 2.2.12 Reply