On Nnenna’s Nails #6: La Fille

Pale Pink Nails with Pink Glitter 1

Pink* Zoya Madison, Pink Glitter* Milani Disco Lights

Last week, I got tired of wearing dark, vampy colors, so of course I went for the opposite end of the spectrum!  I couldn’t wait to try out this lovely pale pink color that I snagged in Zoya’s 2012 promotion (2 free nail polishes, you only paid shipping).  Then, since I am all about the accent nail, I used the pink glitter nail polish that my roommate bought for me on my ring finger.  The result was a glam and girly manicure- sometimes it’s just fun to be a girly girl, no? =)

Side note: You all know how much I like letter-writing and stationery, right?  Well I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a little bloggers pen pal group; definitely something with low commitment, like one letter a month.  What do we think- good idea or bad idea?  Would love your feedback! :)