Fly Me to the Moon

Airplane Travel Diary 1

I thought it would be fun to do a small photo diary of pictures that I snapped on my recent travels to and from California.  These pictures were taken while I was in the airplane waiting for take-off or soaring far above the ground.  I always like to have a window seat when I’m flying and I really enjoyed seeing the various landscapes through the window.  Since I often take the red-eye flights overnight, it was nice to have a change of pace this time and see the world passing below me during the daytime.  It’s kind of an exhilarating feeling being that high up in the air and having everything spread out below you! Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

Tell me: Do you enjoy flying?

P.S. Don’t forget to check back on Friday for that packing tutorial that I’ve been promising!

  • sartorialsidelines

    I love the cityscape ones! I’m a fan of flying myself, I sort of half to be considering how often I’m called to be on a plane.

    Courtney ~

    • Thanks Courtney! Yes, you do have a travel a lot so it’s a good thing you don’t mind flying! :)

  • Naina

    (oh no I left a comment but it didn’t save! my rendition:)
    I LOVE to fly, it’s my forte. Cuddling up in my seat, waiting for those often icky pre-packaged meals, wondering how the air hostesses stay so beautiful. Fun times, fun times, Funnily enough though, I’ve always been on international flights – never been on a domestic one!

    • Oh wow, that’s so interesting that you’ve never been on a domestic flight! I’ve been on both, but mostly domestic ones! :)

  • these are great shots, Nnenna! I personally don’t like flying. It has to do with my air sickness/ motion sickness problem. I take a pill and sleep through it all but still wake up with a massive headache. But I do love traveling, just wish I could take the flying out of it! :)

    • Thanks Laura! Oh yeah, I can only image how terrible flying must be if you get sick! Luckily there are lots of other ways to get around the country besides planes :)

  • I always forget to take cool photos like these when I’m flying! Probably because I usually sit on the aisle and basically ignore whatever the plane does– been flying since I was three months old. Half the time I don’t even notice turbulence.

    • Wow, three months- you certainly started early! I can handle a little bit of turbulence, but I hate when the plane is bucking around like I’m on a roller coaster- no thanks!

  • wow, the last time i flew, the view from the window was not nearly this interesting – what great shots!


    I don’t like flying only because I can’t sleep.mi get so bored

    • True- flying can be really boring if you don’t have anything to do! I usually try to bring a variety of things to do so that if I get bored of one, I can switch to another!

  • Eli

    These are amazing! I actually NEVER get the window seat to do this!

    • Thanks Eli! I always try really really hard to get a window seat for the views and also so I don’t have to get up for other people! haha

  • Melanie

    I’ve become VERY familiar with flying over the past couple years due to school. I’m
    pretty indifferent about it. I hate connecting flights, but I get
    really anxious on long, straight-away ones. I almost always get window
    but only to knock out without having to worry about being on someone else’s shoulder, hahaha.

    Great photos! I love this little sequential montage :)

    • Thank you Melanie! I myself prefer a long straight flight over a connecting flight, and if that direct flight has wi-fi, then I’m golden! Also, I take the window seat for the same reasons- then if I pass out nobody has to bother me to get up.

  • Nice captures; there’s something about being that high up that’s unbelievable, right? I love flying, and am a window seat taker, too haha!

    • Thank you Smita! Yes, agreed! I felt like this last time I was flying for the first time again- so in awe of the world below! :)

  • Aw you were in the bay! Hope you had a great time. Love those pics from the plane!

  • Katherine

    I love flying!! :) and going to the airport :) lovely pics nnena!

    • Thanks so much Kat! :)