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I’m looking for the perfect black work pant, which is no easy task. I’d like something fitted, but still comfortable. I also want them to be ankle-length with a skinny leg opening. I know I’m not the only one who finds it difficult to find pants that fit well. I’ve got a little bit of junk in the trunk, so it can be hard to find pants that fit well in the bottom and thigh areas without having that annoying gap in the back. I’m also on the shorter side (5’3″), so regular pants are sometimes too long or cropped pants will hit me at an awkward length. The point of all that is that I prefer to try on pants in stores since sizes and fit can vary widely. I’ve been looking for a few weeks now and here are a few pairs that I have my eye on:

Ann Taylor Sleek Stretch Ankle Pants I actually bought these pants last week for about half-off. On the hanger, I was not loving them, but then I tried them on and my opinion completely changed. They fit rather well and they are pretty comfortable. I’m not 100% sure that I’ll keep them though. We’ll see if they pass the at-home test.

Banana Republic Black Soft Pant I like the slouchy vibe of these and I think they’d be great for warmer months. I’m not sure how they’d look with flats though, or if I could pull them off.

Banana Republic Sloan-Fit Slim Ankle-Zip Pant I tried these on in the store a couple weeks ago and I kind of liked them. The legs are actually skinny and I like the side zipper- it gives a flattened, slimmer silhouette. I was having fit issues though. I was in a bit of rush when I was trying these on, so I’d like to go back to a store and take my time.

J. Crew Minnie Pant I know people love these pants. I’ve seen them in the store, but I’ve never tried them on, so I’d like to do that at some point.

Have you found your perfect black work pant?

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5 blogs you should be reading,  blog recommendation, blogs to read, blogs to follow, bloggers to follow

I love finding new blogs. You know when you discover an awesome blog and you spend hours going back through all of their old posts? I love that feeling and it often inspires me work on my own blog. I thought I’d share a few new-to-me blogs that I’m loving:

1. A Touch of Teal- Katie’s blog has a little bit of everything- outfit posts, blogging tips, and my favorite, career posts. Her images are gorgeous and you get the sense that Katie is a really nice person behind the blog too.

2. That’s Just Fabulous- Faith’s blog is like a breath of fresh air. Her pictures are so light and airy and she makes me want to try all of the beauty products.

3. Jaclyn Day- Jaclyn writes about books and fashion (among other things), which are two of my favorite topics. When reading her book reviews, I can’t help but add new titles to my ‘to read’ list. She’s also really skilled at picking out great sale finds.

4. The Financial Diet- This was made for twenty-somethings like me who are trying to be more financially responsible. There are lots of great tips and it’s nice to read money advice written by people who are in the same boat.

5. C’est Christine- I discovered Christine’s blog during my severe case of wanderlust last week. She lives in Brooklyn, but also travels around the world, and her life sounds awesome.

Let me know if you have any blog recommendations down below! 

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I’m still waiting for that nice spring weather. We got a little glimpse of it in the middle of last week, but then temperatures dropped back down. On Sunday I met up with a friend and I was underdressed (in terms of warmth). It was so windy/chilly that I had to run back to my apartment to grab a hat, scarf, and gloves!

Originally we’d planned to meet on Saturday, but it was so gross and rainy all day that we pushed our plans to Sunday. We had brunch at Mighty Quinn’s and it was quite tasty. Then we walked over to Sephora so that I could buy her birthday present. She’s talked about wanting to find a red lipstick that suits her, so I told her that we’d go to Sephora and find her perfect shade, which I’d then buy for her. Our trip was a success and she picked out a great lipstick from Kat Von D’s line. We browsed in a couple more stores in the area, but soon we started to get tired from our hearty meal earlier.

I just got this floral tee from Aeropostale and it’s so soft. It’s the perfect slouchy weekend tee. I know I’ll be wearing it again soon (hopefully without a coat next time!).

winter to spring transition, spring transition, casual weekend, weekend wear, floral tee, spring tee, black beanie

Outfit Details: H&M coat, Express black cardigan (underneath), Floral Burnout V-Neck Tee c/o Aeropostale, American Eagle black hi-rise jeggingsblack sneakers c/o Aeropostale, Fossil Erin Satchel | photos- my friend Liza

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Honestly, I felt like I was playing catch-up for most of this week. As I mentioned before, my schedule recently changed and I’m still adjusting. However, this week when I left work, it was light outside and that is everything. I have a few fun activities planned for the weekend. Tonight I’m getting drinks/catching up with a former work colleague. Tomorrow I’m planning to do brunch and a little bit of shopping with another friend (watch out wallet). Three cheers for longer days and warmer weather!

– Victoria wrote a fantastic post on the life lessons she learned while living in NYC. Seriously, go read this and you’ll see why she’s one of my favorite bloggers.

– I liked Jackie’s post on her recent reads. I think we have similar tastes!

– I love this swingy striped dress. Bring on the easy, breezy, spring clothes.

– Kimberly wrote a great post on chic flats for spring. The timing is perfect because I’m in the market for new shoes. As much as I sometimes wish I was a heels girl, in reality it’s flats all day, every day.

– An interesting article about why the movie Serena went straight to video (even though it stars J. Law and and Bradley Cooper). I actually read the book a couple years ago and didn’t like it. Based on this article, it sounds like the movie isn’t that great either.

– One of my favorite beauty vloggers, Hey Claire, just rebooted her blog. I love the Closet Confidential post she wrote on memories surrounding an item from her closet (basically like a #TBT for clothes). It got me wondering whether I have any clothes that bring up fun memories!

P.S. Just wanted to give a little shoutout to my mom and little bro because it’s their birthday today! Yes, they do have the same birthday! 

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