Sailor Stripes

Sailor Stripes 1

Striped Sweater*Handmade by me // Pink Jacket and Sunglasses*H&M  // Jeans*Forever 21 // Bag*Lulu’s // Bedazzle Loafers*Mia Shoes (all photos of me above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

These pictures were taken on a gorgeous Sunday in early May when we celebrated Alex’s birthday.  I met up with AlexHope, and Alex’s friend Kristine in Madison Square Garden, where we took advantage of the opening of Mad Square Eats!  Basically, a bunch of restaurants set up food stands in a little area right off the park, and there’s everything from Red Hook Lobster to Asia Dog (one of my personal favorites as far as street food!).  It really was a gorgeous day weather-wise, which was perfect for dining and drinking wine al fresco.

I kept it really casual outfit-wise because I’d met up with some friends earlier for brunch and had to get ready in a hurry!  The nice weather gave me the opportunity to wear this sweater I finished a few months ago (more details to come in an “On Nnenna’s Needles” post on Wednesday!).  Also, doesn’t Alex look just fabulous above?  I totally teased her for looking all posh and chic, while I was all flustered from running around earlier that day! ;)

Speaking of birthdays, today is my best friend Erica’s birthday!  I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on a special present for her, but I won’t reveal any more because I know she sometimes reads this :) I can’t wait to see her and my family back home in CA in a little under a week!

The hustle and bustle of NYC in the background