Sailor Stripes

Sailor Stripes 1

Striped Sweater*Handmade by me // Pink Jacket and Sunglasses*H&M  // Jeans*Forever 21 // Bag*Lulu’s // Bedazzle Loafers*Mia Shoes (all photos of me above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

These pictures were taken on a gorgeous Sunday in early May when we celebrated Alex’s birthday.  I met up with AlexHope, and Alex’s friend Kristine in Madison Square Garden, where we took advantage of the opening of Mad Square Eats!  Basically, a bunch of restaurants set up food stands in a little area right off the park, and there’s everything from Red Hook Lobster to Asia Dog (one of my personal favorites as far as street food!).  It really was a gorgeous day weather-wise, which was perfect for dining and drinking wine al fresco.

I kept it really casual outfit-wise because I’d met up with some friends earlier for brunch and had to get ready in a hurry!  The nice weather gave me the opportunity to wear this sweater I finished a few months ago (more details to come in an “On Nnenna’s Needles” post on Wednesday!).  Also, doesn’t Alex look just fabulous above?  I totally teased her for looking all posh and chic, while I was all flustered from running around earlier that day! ;)

Speaking of birthdays, today is my best friend Erica’s birthday!  I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on a special present for her, but I won’t reveal any more because I know she sometimes reads this :) I can’t wait to see her and my family back home in CA in a little under a week!

The hustle and bustle of NYC in the background


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  1. says

    You’re both looking equally fabulous; I love your two very different looks here :) Loving your pink jacket in particular!

    <3 Shawna Serpentine Streets

  2. says

    HahahahahaI love the gif :) I’m totally going to do burst shots of you from now on so you can make more of those. Bonus points for twirls :)

    I demand you wear this sweater more.

    The end.

    • says

      Haha, yes- I like to throw in a GIF every once in a while! Lol, and since I made you twirl, I suppose I have to twirl for you too! :)

      I should wear this sweater more often, but the weather has to be just right- warm, since the sweater is sleeveless, but not so warm that I overheat in it!

  3. Mary Awadallah says

    The sweater is amazing! Inspires me to get to work finishing the sleeves of that darn sweater I’m currently working on. (Beatnik–you should check it out. Gorgeous.)