Nail Polish Organization


On Monday, I was chatting with Casee and Melanie on twitter about various nail polish storage options. Since organizing my nail polish is one of my summer goals, I started hunting for inspiration on Pinterest. Check out some of my favorites below!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Angelica on Pinterest

Source: via Carmen on Pinterest


 Tell me: How do you store your nail polish?


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  1. Nicole says

    Wow I thought I had a lot of polish. I keep mine in a clear box buying don’t know what my polish count is, I’m gearing about 30.

  2. says

    I would love a full display like a salon! Mine are stored in clear containers inside the top drawer of my dresser. Last I counted, I had around 75 but I’m sure that has increased. I thought I had more… I had a friend in college who had nearly 300!

  3. says

    Ahh, that last one is unreal! Love all of these, of course. ;) I saw a lot of DIYs for a display similar to the first one, but I just know I’d be the one to knock off a bottle and have it spill all over my bathroom floor. The wooden posts (which have a proper name but I’m having a morning and just can’t remember it) are a brilliant solution!

    • says

      I know- when I found the last picture my jaw just dropped! Maybe someday in the future I’ll have that amazing of a collection! I’m definitely going to look into purchasing the one in the link you sent for my next apartment. Eee- it makes me so exciting to think of all my nail polishes on display like that! :)

  4. says

    Thats a crazy amount of polish!!! I know that I change my mind a lot of colors but unless someone was doing my manicures for me regularly I would never own that much nail polish. I usually just keep them in a drawer lol I only have about 8 bottles!!

  5. Katherine says

    I love the wall idea :) I keep all mine in a nice box that I keep near my dresser :)

  6. Elinn says

    I like the fifth one, with the rings on the nail polish bottles. That’s not only a very nice way to store nail polishes, but also a good way to display your rings! They make the nail polishes look classy as well.
    Finding a way to display your jewellery is pretty difficult, especially my bracelets. Any good ideas on that?