Dot Dash Dot

Dot Dash Dot 1

Top and Sandals (borrowed from my sister) // Lulu’s*Skirt
Pictures taken by my brother!

This is the last of my outfit pictures taken when I visited my family in California two months ago! I snagged this lovely polka dot skirt at the Lulu’s Style Studio Event earlier this year.  It was so cool because I had pinned this skirt about a month earlier. Then at the event, when we were given the opportunity to take one piece of clothing home with us, Alex spotted this skirt and I snatched it up immediately! Of course, it was too cold at the time to wear it, so I didn’t bust it out of my closet until this summer. I decided to go for a simple look, pairing the skirt with a neutral tee and casual braided sandals (it was way too hot to do much more).  I really couldn’t stop twirling in this skirt- it’s just so fun to do with the high-low hem!

Did you guys catch the closing ceremony of the Olympics yesterday? Thankfully NBC changed their mind and decided to live-stream it online, so I was able to watch from the comfort of my room. I can’t believe the Olympics are already over- they go by so quickly! Now to wait another two years for the Winter Olympics to take place!

Tell me: If you’ve been following, what was your favorite Olympic moment?

  • haha love how the family was involved with this outfit ;) LOVE polka dots… as you know I just purchased some for the fall!

    • Haha, yep- I couldn’t have worn this outfit and snapped pics of it without them! :)

  • LOVE the skirt! So bright and perky.

    • Thanks Laura! Hey- are you planning to come up to NYC again for Fashion Week?

      • I want to yes! I am working on getting a freelancer press badge, so once I hear back from that I’ll let you know. Definitely want to see you girls if I do!

        • Yay, that would be awesome! Let us know how it goes! :)

  • I love the silhouette of this skirt! It’s so pretty and fun. And yes I definitely watched the Olympic closing ceremonies! I watched more of the Olympics this year than ever before and I’m definitely having withdrawals now that they’re over! My favorite moments had to be when women’s gymnastics won the gold and watching Oscar Pistorius race. He’s so inspiring!

    • Thank you Jackie! I kind of don’t know what to do with myself now that the Olympics are over! Those were definitely two great moments- and I also enjoyed watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh win Olympic gold in beach volleyball for the third time! :)

  • I LOVE this outfit, Nnenna. I think it’s such a perfect hourglass figure! The skirt is so lovely with the dots and hem cut!

    • Aww, thanks so much Laura- it is such a fun skirt! :)

  • Michelle Tree

    This outfit is adorable! I love your style :)

    • Thank you Michelle! :)

  • OH MY GOODNESS! I love this skirt. I love how its longer in the back, I just bought a dress like that super flowy and I feel like I’m a bride a little haha:)

    • Awww, thanks! Yes, I do love the feeling of it swishing about my legs- so fun! :D

  • Eli

    This is such a pretty outfit! I’d wear it in a heartbeat. I have a similar skirt, it’s black with white polka dots, but this one is soooo cute!

    • Thank you Eli! I definitely love me some polka dots! :)

  • it is so adorable — love that it was exactly what you wanted!

    • Thanks Lydia! Yes, I’m so lucky that Alex spotted it! :)

  • Tracy

    I love your polka dots. They are so adorable. I just ordered an adorable polka dot dress that I cannot wait to wear to work.

    I cannot believe the Olympics are already over. I will definitely miss it.

    • Thanks Tracy! Ooo, what does your dress look like?

  • You know, I should probably start letting you pick out your own clothes…

    I want more twirl photos! This would actually be an amazing skirt to wear somewhere during fashion week… on-trend, but I’d totally wear it even if it wasn’t!

    • Lol, but why, when you’re so good at doing it for me? haha ;)

      I tried twirling in this skirt but all the pictures came out not so great! I’ll probably wear it again during fashion week- just have to find the right top!

      • Haha maybe I should start offering personal shopping services. I’ll take more photos of you twirling sometime… In the middle of the street of course.
        We really missed you at Ippolita last night!

        • Haha, you should! :) I’ve been totally out of it this week, but it looked like fun! Will live vicariously through your post :)

  • Elana

    Oh, man, this skirt. It’s perfection. Though to be fair, I think that about almost every polka dotted item I come across. But this skirt really is truly amazing! It doesn’t hurt that you look so happy in it :)

    • Thanks so much Elana! I can’t get enough of polka dots either! :D

  • I’m loving this look! This skirt looks so great on you! I’m a big fan of polka-dots and the high-low hem makes it even more adorable. I can just imagine you twirling around in it, too!

    I’m on the hunt for a red and white polka dot dress. Hopefully I’ll find one soon!

    • Thanks so much Dre! Polka dots are such a fun, happy print! Hope you find your red and white polka dot dress soon! :)