Fashion’s Night Out: NYC Edition

Fashion's Night Out NYC 1

I have a love/hate relationship with Fashion’s Night Out. I love that there are so many amazing events going on, but that means that the city is even more crowded/hectic/crazy than usual! This year, Alex and I decided to start out in Midtown at Saks Fifth Avenue. Right off the bat, we spotted Anna Wintour coming out of the elevator on the ground floor, which pretty much made my night!

The Anna Wintour- I die!!

We then made our way upstairs to check out what was happening on the other floors. It turns out that if you tagged your Instagram pictures with #saksfno, they were printed out and added to a collage wall of everyone’s pictures from the night. I also spotted the gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff upstairs, surrounded by stations where you could get henna tattoos, your hair braided, or your nails done.

Rebecca Minkoff

Leaving Saks and heading off Fifth Avenue, things finally quieted down a bit. We passed by Rockfeller Center which was light up and decorated to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out. After taking a quick breather/sit-down at the nearby fountain, we headed downtown to the Socialyte and Bloggers’ Night Out event at Arrojo. While the lovely Liz created a waterfall braided effect with my hair, I sipped on a cocktail provided by Stoli and listened to the live band that was performing.

Hair braided at Arrojo

From there we went with some other members of The Bloggers’ Collective to grab a quick bite to eat nearby before heading to the after-party at RSVP. After several hours of walking around, Alex and I were ready to call it a night around 11pm or so. Even then, there were still tons of people on the streets of Soho, making it pretty impossible to catch a cab or even navigate the sidewalks. We finally did make it home (although it took much longer than it should have!) and I think we’ve both vowed to pick one destination for the next FNO and stick with it!

Tell me: Did you participate in Fashion’s Night Out in your city?

  • Ahhh FNO seems like 18 years ago. I can’t even remember if I took any photos, hahaha. I have to look for those.

    • Haha, I know- all those days blended together!

  • Elana Katz

    I’m so jealous of all of this! Not only does it seem like so much fun (though a little exhausting, I’m sure), but you saw ANNA WINTOUR?? Not fair. Love living vicariously through you though :)

    • I know, I felt so lucky that we had such good timing! You’re so right, the week was a little exhausting, but definitely so much fun and absolutely worth it!

  • Such awesome photos!

    The Other Side of Gray

  • Tracy

    I adore these photos. And it sounds like an amazing time. Crossing my fingers that I can be in New York next year during fashion week.

    Oh, and your hair is beautiful.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • Yes, I would love that! Thanks so much Tracy :)

  • Love your braid! Aw bummed I couldn’t join you ladies :)

    • Thanks Kim! Same, but at least we got to catch up over the weekend at the tents :)

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