Taking Notes

Taking Notes

Taking Notes

Notes 02 // Inspired Notebook Set (under $5!)
Polka Dot Journal, Kraft // Botanicals Notebook Collection

One of my (many) weaknesses is a pretty notebook- I just can’t resist them! I like to buy them in sets, because then I can keep one or two for myself and give the others away (quick gift idea– a pretty notebook and a colorful Le Pen). Sometimes I’ll use a notebook up completely, but often I’ll have several half-filled notebooks lying around. I’ll use them all one day eventually, right?

Tell me: Which one would you choose?


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  1. Hope Shores says

    Man, I love a good notebook! I actually just bought a plain one at Muji (trying to start with a blank canvas for my creative projects, haha). Have you checked out May Books yet? They have customizable designs that are really fun (and great for gifts).

    • says

      Muji is such a great store- I have a few plain notebooks from there too. No, I’ve never heard of May Books- I will have to check it out. Thanks!

  2. heather says

    Okay I don’t need a notebook but now I WANT one lol These are WAY too cute. I love the NOTES and polka dot one. Have you been to the paper good store Envelopper in the Chelsea area? They have such cute paper goods along with cute notebooks. We went there to pick up envelopes for our Save The Dates and I found a whole bunch of paper goods I wanted lol I’m def. going back to pick up some stripped straws for a small brunch I’m having.


    • says

      I haven’t been to Envelopper- another place I need to check out! I absolutely love browsing in paper stores. One of my faves (Paper Presentation) is literally across the street from where I work which is great and also dangerous!

      • heather says

        OOO i was just on their site not to long ago! I have to actually go check out Paper Presentation.That means you don’t work very far from Envelopper.

        • says

          You definitely should- their store is way better than their site. I don’t think a lot of products are listed on the site and the store is hugeee- it goes from 18th to 19th street!

  3. says

    I like to buy notebooks, but I don’t like to use them. I’m always thinking that nothing is good enough or meaningful enough to fill their pretty pages.