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Up until a couple of yeas ago, I’d never stepped foot inside a Loft store. In my head, it was a brand for older people and not really somewhere that I considered shopping. Then one day I was wandering along Fifth Avenue after work and I decided to pop into the store. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the cute things that I saw and it didn’t hurt that they were having a 40% off sale at the time. I like Loft because the styles are simple and classic. The pieces I’ve purchased from Loft are very versatile, meaning that I can wear them to work or on the weekends. Best of all, they’re always having sales, so I don’t think I’ve purchased anything from there at full price! Do you shop at Loft?

01. Windowpane Circle Skirt (this skirt will be mine!) 02. Lou & Grey Static Dress 03. Short Sleeve Shirtdress
04. Lace Stripe Tee 05. Windowpane Sweatshirt 06. Piped Utility Blouse

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  • sartorialsidelines

    I shopped there a bit when I still living in the US (only a few Canadian cities have the chain) and definitely managed to find some cute things!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    • I’m glad I finally started checking out their stuff!

  • I stopped by Loft last week when I was going to the DMV and they had some really cute pieces for Spring. This is a store that I often overlook but I think I may have to shop there more now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I agree- they have a bunch of new arrivals for Spring and right now they’re 40% off!

  • I really like Loft and I agree, they have very classic pieces that can help you create a great wardrobe. I love your picks here!

  • I think Loft stepped up their styling! I used to have similar notions about the company but after working with a client and researching items for her, I realized how cute they became! It was surprising but a very welcome one! =) Totally digging it! hehe


    • ?I think you’re right about they styling! I’m not sure what it was like before, but now I think it’s young and fresh (particularly their Lou & Grey line).?

  • SHE Jenmarie

    They do have some great things there and I always notice that they have amazing sales! I recently picked up a blouse on sale but haven’t outfitted it yet. I think it was my first purchase from their store so it could be the beginning of a decent relationship. lol!

    • Yep, I took advantage of the sale this weekend and grabbed a couple of things from this list! I’m looking forward to seeing the top you got in an outfit post on your blog :)

  • I’ve been seeing these styles everywhere lately! The grey dress is my favorite. I love the window pane print, but I can’t trust myself not to spill coffee on it!

    • I bought the black/grey and the windowpane skirt since they had a sale this weekend!

  • My boss used to wear quite a lot of pieces from Loft. I actually really love the window pane matching set. :) Have a lovely week.
    February Moments

    • I love that they have pieces that are trendy and work-appropriate. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  • Che

    Funnily enougb, I just checked out the LOFT site for the first time ever a few days ago! I love that grid print :)

    – Che

    • What a coincidence! Me too- I ended up buying the skirt version of that print :)

  • I love the grid print pieces and I often enjoy loft’s offerings, but there isn’t really a location super close to me and their free ship min is so high that I rarely shop there.

    Chic on the Cheap

    • The main reason I started looking at their stuff is because there’s a store just a few blocks away from my work. Makes sense- I certainly don’t like to pay for shipping if I don’t have to!

  • I like the oversized gingham print. LOFT always has great sales. Don’t count them out!

    • They had another sale this weekend and I’ve got some LOFT cash to spend too!