Never Too Late to Play Dress-Up

Finally, the Halloween pictures that I’ve been promising!  For the first night of Halloweekend, I quickly threw together a costume because I didn’t want to bust out my real one yet, and I went as Piglet.  For the rest of Halloweekend, I was a tightrope walker.  Along with my roommates, we all formed a very small band of circus performers.  Our motto was, “Small band, big talent!” We created this whole backstory to go along with our costumes (can you tell we were really into it? haha)  One roommate was a clown and the other was the ringmaster.  The story was that the ringmaster had fired the clown, so she was really dejected and depressed, and maybe even a little crazy!  Also, as friends of both characters, I was caught in the middle and hanging in the balance (haha, get it?)  Anyway, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy these pictures!  Does anybody else have a good story behind their costume?

Tigger and I are BFFs!
Piglet and the Ladybug
breakdown of costume- corset + skirt I made
circle skirt made using this tutorial
close-up of the makeup
dark and spooky background
small band, big talent!
in my room, preparing to leave for the night
Even though I’m this super-crowded room, I’m obviously mentally somewhere else
I can’t remember exactly what I was thinking…probably dreaming up my next costume :D
headshoot, bookstagram headshot, my headshot


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  1. Nikki wrote:

    and who's doing your makeup ;P

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