A Night on the Town- Blogger’s Night Out

After the ModSwap, Alex and I needed a teensy break before jumping right over to Blogger’s Night Out, so we stopped at cute little bar to sip a cocktail, grab a snack, and rest our feet.  On our way to the event, we couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the beautiful city at night.  Alex was also kind enough to snap some outfit pictures for me- thanks girl!

When we got to Blogger’s Night Out, the place was packed- there were bloggers everywhere! :D  We quickly found Laura and Katy and walked around the venue to explore a bit.

Some great sponsors, including Lulu’s, had booths set up where you could win free stuff and we all walked away with some great swag!  I think the organizers of Blogger’s Night Out did a awesome job and I can’t wait to attend the next one! =)

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  1. I seriously should have gotten my crap together and just gotten on a train…unfortunately I had a late section that night :( Love that midi skirt that you’re wearing!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
    • laura wrote:

      Hopefully you can attend next time Courtney! I’d love to finally meet you.

      Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  2. Hope wrote:

    I was there too…what a fun event! :)


    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  3. laura wrote:

    I really loved your outfit! So perfectly blogger chic :) It was a really well done event, and I can’t wait to see what they do next time. Btw, I may have to borrow a couple of your photos (credit you of course) if you are ok with that!!

    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Aww, thanks Laura! Of course you can use the photos- borrow away! :D

      Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  4. Marissa wrote:

    I spent this night with an old friend and missed all the fun blogger events. :( Looks like it was a great night. So wonderful meeting you in New York, Nnenna! Keep in touch.

    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  5. noelani wrote:

    So sad I missed this. I could have seen you twice!! I was plum tuckered out after the swap and the GenArt show, had to grab a late dinner and get some shut eye. Still recovering this week!! And can’t wait to do it all again.

    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  6. M wrote:

    How FUN!!!
    I wish I couldve been there!!!



    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  7. You look stunning! Sounds like such a lowly time.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  8. Bahahahahaha I’m such a fail at non-standard photos.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  9. Sooo fun! I love your outfit! :D Too bad I couldn’t go :(

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  10. I definitely want to come to NYFW, Fabb and bloggers night out next year! What an amazing time and that drink looks yum!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  11. Great meeting you at the swap! Love the black and white shots…heading to your other post to see what you got!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  12. i love your skirt

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  13. Cute outfit! Looks like you girls had a great time w/ yummy drinks too :P

    Tanks for stopping by my blog <3

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  14. Bonnie wrote:

    This looks like something I should have attended!!! PERFECT. We would have had such a good time! It looks like fun. I’m glad that you posted pictures.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  15. Fun was had my all. I love meeting up with blogfriends. Such a nice treat. Glad to hear you enjoyed the event. Loving your paint job above.

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  16. Monique wrote:

    look at you…looking fabulous! Great getup and smile

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  17. jamie wrote:

    oh. my. gosh. this looks and sounds like so much fun! oh how i wish i could have gone too!


    Posted 9.20.11 Reply