Swap Scores

Hello there!  I’m back to show off the pretty items I scored at the ModSwap event that I recapped yesterday!

Previously owned by Melissa of The Swapaholics

This breezy polka dot dress will be fun to wear while it’s still sunny and will look great with tights and boots when the weather gets a bit chillier.  Thanks Melissa! :)

Previously owned by Julie of Orchid Grey

The colors in this dress are so lovely and the pretty feminine pleats are right up my alley! Thanks Julie! :)

ModCloth Multifold Sophisticate Dress

The lovely Alex found this for me!  She spotted it on the racks, handed it to me, and said, “This is for you,” and that was that!  You all know how much I love black and this LBD will make a great addition to my closet.  When I tried it on, I immediately felt sophisticated, like a film star from an old black-and-white movie.  Thanks ModCloth! :)

All my pretty dresses lined up in a row

Tell me: What’s the best item you’ve ever scored at a swap?

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  1. Claire wrote:

    these dresses are beautiful. i really love that polka dot one!!!


    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  2. That event sounded great, and you scored some lovely pieces! My favourite is probably that dress that was Julie’s… who could part with that?

    $200 jewelry giveaway at my blog!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  3. Those are all lovely! I scored a Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt at a swap last year…I still can’t believe my luck on that.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  4. Hope wrote:

    What great finds!! I also got three dresses at the swap. I’ve already worn two of them. :)


    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  5. Melissa wrote:

    Yay, Nnenna, I’m so happy to see you went home with my dress! And too funny that you scored pieces from two Swapaholics girls. Thanks so much for coming – I can’t wait to see how you style your new scores! I walked away with a black sequined Gianni Bini blazer from Keren at Two Stylish Kays which I’m wearing & posting tomorrow… ;)

    With #swaplove,

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Haha, I know, isn’t that funny?! I didn’t even realize until I got home! Thanks so much for hosting such a great swap- I can’t wait until the next one :D

      Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  6. laura wrote:

    You scored some beautiful dresses! Cant wait to see how you style everything. And I really need to get on board the swap train!!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  7. Sian wrote:

    This looks like so much fun and you really grabbed some good things!! I love all the things you managed to get!! I wish something like that would happen around where I live =)

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  8. Gertrude wrote:

    The dress in the second picture is so so beautiful!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  9. Caitlin wrote:

    You walked away with some seriously beautiful pieces. Can’t wait to see how you style your new LBD, the detailing on it is divine.

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  10. those first two dresses are adorable. Score!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  11. dang! good stuff!!! i need to find a swap.

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  12. Nikki wrote:

    good oogly moogly that thang is juicy!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Did you get my email?

      Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  13. Nikki wrote:

    good oogly moogly, that thang is juicy!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  14. T. wrote:

    Nice stuff!

    Posted 9.15.11 Reply
  15. Hahaa I hope you weren’t too surprised by me basically throwing a dress at you and telling you to take it. I do that to my friends when we’re shopping all the time.

    But seriously, I wasn’t letting you walk out of there without that dress.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  16. Wow great scores!! Can’t wait to see those on

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  17. Monique wrote:

    wow orchid grey’s dress is amazing! Great score! Love the polka dot too!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  18. Jody-Ann wrote:

    Ohhh great scores!

    Posted 9.24.11 Reply
  19. alyson wrote:

    wow, some incredible swaps. I’d be thrilled with walking away with one dress that pretty.


    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  20. Entirely too much pretty, every dress is just gorgeous!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply