Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2014

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I’ve been talking about it for over a month and now it’s finally here, my fall capsule wardrobe! Technically I meant to have this finalized by the first of the month, but it was taking me a bit longer than expected to find some of the items on my list (*I’m actually still missing one item, the grey skirt, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share this!). Let’s break it down, shall we?


I spent a lot of time on the planning process. I wanted to be really intentional about my purchases and I used Caroline’s free wardrobe planner. I thought about colors, silhouettes, fabrics, and how I wanted to be able to mix and match all of the pieces that I picked. I was documenting my process along the way and you can check out my previous fall capsule wardrobe posts. I wanted mostly classic pieces with a few trendier items mixed in. I tried to get the best quality at the price point I was working with and I was extra picky about the fit and style.

All together I have 40 pieces: 18 tops, 9 bottoms (5 skirts and 4 pants), 2 dresses, 5 jackets/coats, and 6 shoes. I’m surprised I don’t have more dresses, because I love dresses. I do have quite a few skirts though because I thought separates are easier to mix and match. My outerwear section also includes a winter coat, which I’m hoping to replace sometime soon (probably not until the new year). You’ll see that there are no heels in my capsule because I don’t really wear them that often. If I need to dress up and wear heels for a fancier occasion, I’ll just pull out a pair from my closet that’s not on the list.

Originally I’d planned to buy 17 new items and I’d estimated that I would spend $700. However, I really wanted to cut that number down and save money, so I decided to adjust a few things and not buy a few of the things that I’d planned to replace. In total I spent about $430 and bought 12 items. I’m pretty happy with that number and the pieces I got. Plus, I have a feeling that if I decide to do a winter capsule wardrobe, I’ll carry over the majority of these clothes into the next season.


Some of the items pictured above are not the exact item in my wardrobe, most likely because I bought it years ago and it’s sold out. I tried to choose pictures that were representative of the item in color and in style. The items that are still available are linked below, otherwise I’ll link to a similar item and the site where I found the image.

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, gap white tee, forever 21 white sweater, white lacy top, gap white button-down shirt

white lacy top (similar | image via) // white sweater (similar | image via) // white tee // white button-down

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, gap grey sweater, old navy plaid flannel shirt, gap grey tee, loft grey cardigan

gray tee // gray sweater (similar | image via) // plaid shirt // gray cardigan

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, stylemint striped tee, joe fresh striped tee, levis chambray shirt, j. crew dot boy shirt

polka-dot button-down (similar | image via) // chambray shirt (similar | image via)
blue striped tee (similar | image via) // black striped tee

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, everlane black tee, short sleeve sweatshirt, H&M burgundy sweater, LOFT black cardigan

burgundy sweater (similar | image via) // black tee // short-sleeve sweatshirt (similar | image via) // black cardigan

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, madewell sweatershirt, piperlime blazer, black sweater, leather jacket

graphic sweatshirt // black sweater (similar | image via) // black blazer // leather jacket (similar | image via)

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, ae black jeggings, american eagle high waisted jeggings, gap high waisted jeans, burgundy pants

burgundy pants (similar | image via) // skinny jeans (similar | image via) // indigo jeggings // black jeggings

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, j. crew fluted skirt, forever 21 polka dot skirt, loft black mini skirt, grey skirt

gray skirt // navy skirt // polka-dot skirt (similar | image via) // black skirt

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, h&m grey dress, black shift dress, black winter coat, faux leather skirt

leather skirt (similar | image via) // gray dress
black dress (similar | image via) // cold weather coat (similar | image via)

fall capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe 2014, target trench coat, black flats, joe fresh oxfords, h&m pink cargo jacket

pink cargo jacket (similar | image via) // trench coat (similar | image via)
black flats // oxfords (similar | image via)

h&m leopard sneakers, black leather petty boots, sam edelman, topshop boots, chelsea boots, aeropostale sneakers, black sneakers

black sneakers // leopard sneakers (similar | image via) // black ankle boots // chelsea boots


To recap, I’m planning to only wear these 40 pieces through the end of December. I’m trying not to buy any new clothes during this time (except for the grey skirt that I’m still hunting for). Also, this capsule wardrobe doesn’t include accessories, underwear or loungewear. I may end up purchasing a few more accessories, like jewelry and scarves, to help with switching up my outfits.

There are two items on my list that I’m still questioning a bit. One is the faux leather skirt I bought- I like it a lot and the faux leather is really nice, but I’m not 100% sure it’s the most flattering on me. I’m going to try it on a few more times and if I decide to return it, I will swap it out for a different faux leather skirt. I also have two leather jackets (one is collarless and the other is a moto jacket style) and I still haven’t decided which one I’m keeping in my capsule yet.

I’m setting these rules for myself, but I’m not going to be totally inflexible to the point where I’m unhappy. It is a challenge, but I also want it to be a good experience. I think the hardest part will be not buying any clothes. I’m also curious to see whether I’ll be entirely sick of all of these items by the third month.

Let’s mark today as the official start date! I’m thinking of possibly doing monthly check-ins on the blog and I also think it would be fun to snap an #ootd every day on Instagram so I can really see how I changed my outfits from day to day.

Thanks for making it all the way through this long post today! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my capsule below or let me know if you have any questions about my process.


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  1. Rachelle wrote:

    This is so fun and I know it’s a lot of work. Looking at this list I realized that I a have the majority of those, and I really want burgundy pants. Can’t wait to see more about it and don’t be too strict with yourself.


    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Rachelle! The good thing about these pieces is that I think a lot of people have them, so maybe we can help each other out with styling ideas :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  2. Ah, your process sounds so thought-out. I was going to write that your picks are so easily mixed and matches before reading that you’ve thought about everything!

    So impressed, great job :)

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you so much! :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  3. ShenDove wrote:

    I really like the items you chose and how versatile they seem! I’m looking forward to hearing how your first capsule wardrobe experience goes. Having rules in place is great, but I think it’s good that you’re being flexible with your items because personal style should be fun! I’m now feeling kind of inspired to do a Winter capsule.

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you! I’m hoping that it will be a fun experiment. I definitely want to keep track of everything so that I can see what lessons I’ll be able to take away in the end :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  4. sartorialsidelines wrote:

    This is such a great idea – it looks like you’ve really put a lot of critical thought into and I think the pieces are all really great (and versatile). Good luck deciding on the two items you’re still questioning a bit!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Courtney! I’ve may have decided on the leather jackets- I think I’m going with the collarless one.

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  5. Isabella wrote:

    I think you’ll get some very chic looks out of the pieces you’ve selected! What comes to mind right away for me is to pair the black striped tee with the polka dot skirt and flats, and the gray dress with the black blazer and chelsea boots.

    Also, I’m following you on instagram now! :)


    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you for the outfit suggestions. I like both ideas :) Thanks also for the follow on Instagram!

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  6. This is amazing! I love the idea behind this challenge. There are a couple new pieces I’d love to add to my wardrobe, but basics and classic items that are timeless. A trench coat is number 1 on my list! Great post Nnenna!

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Natalie! I’m excited to take on this challenge :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  7. It’s great that you took your time with all of the pieces! If you’re going to be selective with what you wear for a few months, you want it to be pieces you actually want to wear and not something to just fill a void. All of the pieces that you chose are great — classic clothes that I can see being worn in so many ways! Can’t wait to see your outfits!

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Yes, exactly- I’ve got to love these pieces if I’m going to be wearing them so much! Thank you Sara! :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  8. SHE Jenmarie wrote:

    You did such a wonderful job with this. From what I see you’ll be able to create so many different outfits with the pieces you have here and of course various accessories will play a huge part in creating new looks as well. I really like the trench coat and black sweater!

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you so much Jenmarie! The black sweater was a sale find last year at Joe Fresh that I almost left behind. I’m really glad I got it because I’ve worn it so many times!

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  9. Lyddiegal wrote:

    I love your capsule – lots of neutrals and basics so I think it will be super easy and fun to get dressed! Plus I have lots of very similar things so you’d better post outfit photos for inspiration!

    Chic on the Cheap

    Posted 10.17.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thanks Lydia! I’ll definitely have some outfit pics- I’ve shot a couple already and I’ve been trying to remember to at least snap an iPhone pic every day :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  10. Carrie wrote:

    This sounds like such a fun way to maximize what you have and get creative! Looking forward to seeing your outfits. :)

    Posted 10.20.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Carrie! :)

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply
  11. Love your selection! Especially the graphic sweatshirt and the black ankle booties. As for your jacket dilemma – I had a collarless coat last winter and let me tell you, I’m not going to make that mistake again. Because it will eventually get so cold that you won’t be able not to wear scarves with it and, well, at least I found that when you move around, you will get a gap in between coat and scarf and you will get a chilly draft. So, cold neck alert.
    Anyway, you can always wear a collarless one now and swap it for the other one mid-season. Like you said, no point being inflexible with the rules!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Kat! You make a very good point about cold necks! I love the look of collarless coats, but you’re absolutely right that come winter, I’m not going to want any part of my body exposed to the elements. :)

      Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  12. Well done. I love your capsule collection. I usually just write out my pieces because I have to have versatile pieces that will be travel-friendly mostly. I love the neutral pieces as well as the leather bits, smart to keep in the wardrobe. :)

    Posted 10.24.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Madison! I have a whole google doc where I kept track of what I had and wanted to buy and I also wrote out the style I was going for and my color scheme. Planning things out like that was more work, but I think it will pay off in the end! :)

      Posted 10.28.14 Reply
  13. Oh to Be a Muse wrote:

    This is spectacular. I love the lacy top, burgundy pants and all the shoes!

    Posted 10.27.14 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Cheryl! :)

      Posted 10.28.14 Reply
  14. Kenesha Williams wrote:

    I’ve started this as well and although I only have about 35 things on hangers in my closet, there are still more items to be whittled down in my dresser. I hope to update my blog soon w/ my final capsule collection for the fall/winter, but I will also be adding a holiday/event section that is separate. :) Love the blog I found you through Pinterest while looking for other capsule wardrobes.
    ETA: Already whittling down my wardrobe has made getting ready for work this past week IMMENSELY EASIER!
    My home on the web is – http://glintoflifeblog.blogspot.com

    Posted 11.7.14 Reply