A Night on the Town- Blogger’s Night Out


After the ModSwap, Alex and I needed a teensy break before jumping right over to Blogger’s Night Out, so we stopped at cute little bar to sip a cocktail, grab a snack, and rest our feet.  On our way to the event, we couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the beautiful city at night.  Alex was also kind enough to snap some outfit pictures for me- thanks girl!

When we got to Blogger’s Night Out, the place was packed- there were bloggers everywhere! :D  We quickly found Laura and Katy and walked around the venue to explore a bit.

Some great sponsors, including Lulu’s, had booths set up where you could win free stuff and we all walked away with some great swag!  I think the organizers of Blogger’s Night Out did a awesome job and I can’t wait to attend the next one! =)


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    I really loved your outfit! So perfectly blogger chic :) It was a really well done event, and I can’t wait to see what they do next time. Btw, I may have to borrow a couple of your photos (credit you of course) if you are ok with that!!

  2. says

    I spent this night with an old friend and missed all the fun blogger events. :( Looks like it was a great night. So wonderful meeting you in New York, Nnenna! Keep in touch.

  3. says

    So sad I missed this. I could have seen you twice!! I was plum tuckered out after the swap and the GenArt show, had to grab a late dinner and get some shut eye. Still recovering this week!! And can’t wait to do it all again.