Ice Cream Paint Job


After all the craziness of Fashion Week, it’s been nice to relax in my apartment and work on making it feel like home.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that the very first thing I did when I moved into my apartment was paint my room.

Before pictures

The day before I moved in, I asked two of my good friends over to my place to help me paint my room a sunny yellow.  Not going to lie, my room is rather small, so I wanted to brighten up the space with a happy color.  I also wanted to paint my bookshelf so that it would blend in with the rest of the white-colored furniture in my room.  With a bottle of wine and good company, the painting job was no hard task at all!


  • Great color!!!! And great friends for helping!

  • What a warm shade! Painting my first apartment was a blast and it looks like you had a wonderful time painting with your friends as well. Hope you are finally settled into your new space after the insanity of FNO and NYFW!

  • That’s a fun shade – I love yellow in a room!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • Yellow is such a pretty color for a bedroom!So cheery :)

  • love it when friends come over to help paint… fun!

  • I’ve been thinking of painting my room yellow lately (found a leftover can from the living room).

    Did you eat the hummus yet? I’m such a creep hahahahahhaa.

  • aw that looks like so much fun!!! you have to love when friends help you do work like that :)

  • Ahm, well done, Nnenna. With the help of friends everything is so much easier. Lovely colour, too!

  • the space is looking good – I think bright yellow was an excellent choice!

  • T.

    Nice colour!

  • Ooh, I love that pretty sunny yellow! We’ve lived in our house for over a year, and still haven’t done any painting (sad!). Maybe I need to have a paint party–good idea!

  • That color is SO you! Love it! You’re lucky you get to paint your room. I don’t think most rentals will let you do that normally…which honestly deters me from moving out a bit!

    P.S. Stopping at the post office to mail off your scarf tomorrow! :)

  • can’t wait to see the end result…it always makes it cozy to paint!

  • oh now i noticed the cheery yellow super cute and energetic

  • the bright color looks great. Yellow always makes a room very more cheery and open even if it is a small NYC “bedroom” (seriously what passes for a bedroom in NYC is considered a closet in most other places….oh well thats the price you pay for living in an awesome city)

  • Yayyyy!! It looks so great!!! :D

  • oh please come paint my house! lol i love the yellow! it will brighten up your day pretty lady! hope that you are doing well sweet nenna!


  • Love the color! it looks great!


  • Great color!!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad I found your’s, can’t wait to read more!