Meet Milton!

Meet Milton

Since I’ve already announced some major blog design changes, I might as well keep the ball rolling with this life announcement!  Meet Milton, my new kitty!

Isn’t he just adorable?  My roomie and I adopted Milton a few weeks ago from the ASPCA.  We had thrown around the idea of getting a pet, but then finally decided to take the plunge!  Learn more about Milton below! :)

Where did he come from? We adopted him from the ASPCA, but before that, he was found in a pile of garbage :(  The vets weren’t 100% sure, but they believe that Milton may have suffered some sort of head trauma before he came to the ASPCA because he suffered from some neurological deficits.  Milton is also blind.  We’re not exactly sure how much because it’s difficult to tell, but it definitely appears to me that he can see some things.  I’d say he’s legally blind- he can’t see well enough to drive a car, but don’t worry, he gets around just fine! :)

What kind of cat is he and how old is he? Milton is a Siamese/Tabby mix- you can see some of the traits in his ears and cute striped tail.  Also, they estimated at the ASPCA that he’s about 9 months, so still a young guy!

Why the name Milton? Well, Milton was his name when we adopted him, but my roommate and I were certain we were going to change it.  Several days later, after bouncing back and forth tons of names and calling him Milton in the interim, we just decided to stick with it because it felt right :)  Now I can’t imagine him as anything else!

I am so proud to be the caretaker of this little guy!  This is my first real pet, so the whole thing has been very exciting!  When I was younger, I so wanted to get a pet, but it was against my parents’ rules. I knew that as soon as I was  living on my own and able to, I would adopt a little friend!  These first few weeks with Milton have definitely been a learning experience: I was hopeful that he would adjust well to our apartment, fearful when he threw up for first time (he’s okay, he just wolfed down his food too quickly!), in pain when he got a little too playful,  and worried that he has everything he needs.  But most of all, I’ve felt sheer happiness when he snuggles his little head on my chest! You guys, is it too soon to officially declare myself as a #crazycatlady? Haha :D

Tell me about your first experience with pets! I’d love to hear!


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    Hmm my first pet experience? Well I have had many different pets. Probably my newest ones are my pet bunnies! I have mini lop rabbits. It started off with 2 a female and a male – Wasabi and Buster and they had babies so we have had some more :) They are so cute and easy to take care of :)

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    WOW! He is gorgeous. I’m so happy for you. I’m sure he will bring so much joy to your life. I really hope you will show more of him on your blog as he grows up. I really admire you rescuing him! That’s so sad what happened to him before. I’m going to get another cat later in the year because I’m moving out and I need a little friend for my Juliette so she is not by herself all the time while we are at work/university. My mum is always telling me I should save a life from the RSPCA.

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    Hi Nnenna!

    he is adorable! im so glad you guys adopted him(:
    I was going to send you a photograph of me and my cats with my letter, but them i thought that was weird… so I didnt :p
    I´ve got your letter! thank you!, it really made my day(:

    Have an awesome day!

    Carmila Ponycat

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      Thank you Carmila! Aww, I would so love for you to send pictures of you and your cats- do it with your next letter! :D Also, I got your letter last night- yay! It totally made me smile and I love the ring you sent as well :) Can’t wait to write you back!

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    Having a pet is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have. I’ve been fortunate to have animals almost completely throughout my life, and it’s always nice to know you have a warm bundle to come home to that loves you. My dog is my life and my best friend, and I hope you’ll soon find that in Milton. He is toooo cute! Props to you for adopting a cat with visual impairment. Too many people would pass him up because of that one little setback. You’ll soon find him to be completely perfect if you don’t already. Congrats <3

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      Thanks so much for sharing your experience Melanie! I’m so happy to have Milton in my life and it already feels like we’ve been friends forever :)

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    Sweet new layout, and cute new kitty to boot! I’m allergic to most animals so I’ve never had a real pet…except for fish and crabs…which somehow usually managed to get out of their tank and chase me down the hallway. True story, yo.

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      Thank you Ashley! Oh my gosh, crabs chasing you down the hall? Now that’s a hilarious image! You don’t happen to have any video, do you? haha

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    Aww! Congrats on the new addition! Makes me sad that he is blind. :( But I know you will take such great care of him! Milton is a CUTIE! :)

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      Thanks so much Ashley! Yes, it made me sad too when I learned he was blind, but now I’m happy because he’s doing so well and he’s definitely in a loving home! :)

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    He is so cute. I got my first cat when I had my first apartment as well. Now I’m on my third cat who is big and fat and ever so slightly annoying, but by kid adores him. Welcome to the NewNew. We are so excited to have you.

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      Thanks Simone! I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with more cats in the future ;) Thanks so much for the welcome! Also, look out for an email from me soon about the NewNew blog :)

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    Aww, how cute is Milton? Congratulations, lady! And kudos for adopting from the ASPCA. I’m sure you’re given Milton the best home he’s ever had – there’s so much joy in that.

    My dog was my first real pet – I had a few fish before him, but they all met tragic ends, as fish tend to do when their caretaker is only in kindergarten. My family got Dusty from a pet shop when I was about eight; he was just nearly three months old then. There were little cubicles where you could interact with the animals before deciding to make a purchase, and my sister and I spent probably over an hour with Dusty. He tugged on my little dress until he’d put a hole in it and the rest is history. ;)

    The only other pets I’ve ever had were two horses, named Lola and Luke (nicknames, because their registered names were very embarrassing, as all show horse names are). Owning a horse had been my dream of dreams when I was little, and after six or seven years of riding lessons and working as a trainer’s assistant it finally came true. But it was a little fractured; Lola hated me, for reasons I’ll never understand, and Luke was in all more fond of my trainer. Lola moved on to a little girl (who she apparently loved), Luke went with my trainer, and I started writing. It was still many years of happy experiences, even if it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped it would. (:

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      Please don’t apologize- I adore your long comments! :) Thank you, we do think he’s the cutest little kitty ever! ;)

      Aww, I love that story about Dusty. That’s kind of similar to how we felt about Milton: at first my roommie wasn’t to thrilled by the idea of adopting a blind cat, but as soon as he met him, he couldn’t resist! Also, you lived every little girl’s dream, having your own horsey :) Although they weren’t as loving as you hoped, at least it’s an experience that you can generally look back at with fondness :)

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    Your kitten is just adorable! We just got a little birdie. Her name is Bluebelle. It’s just a bird,but were obsessed with her. We are parents now! Haha


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    He is so cute, and so lucky to have a home with you now! Glad you are finally getting your first pet! I can’t imagine life without a pet to cuddle up to each night.