Spring Cleaning


Did you guys have a good weekend?  I hope so!  As you can see if you’re visiting this blog directly, I was a busy bee over the weekend and made a lot of changes around here!

I thought that the old blog needed some sprucing up and I basically spent all weekend coding and tweaking the changes until it looked just right.  Even my Etsy shop got a new look thanks to the amazing Nesha of  the blog Flower Child.  She masterfully designed my lovely new Etsy banner.  If you haven’t visited her blog before, you definitely should because the design is just gorgeous!  All the design changes on this blog were made by yours truly and I was going for a look that is simple, clean, and polished- I hope I achieved that! :)

I would so appreciate any feedback!  Tell me: What do you think of the new look?

Also, I’ve finally come out of the dark ages and created a Facebook Page for my blog!  I was holding out for so long, but I’ve decided its finally time for me to at least give it a try.  As it was when I first joined Twitter, I’m completely clueless  about how to use said page, but I’m going to figure it out!  If you’re also on Facebook, I would love it if you popped over to my page and said hello :)