Send Something Good: The Recap!

Send Something Good Recap 1

I’m so excited to able to share with you guys pictures from the package swap I participated in, Send Something Good!  As I mentioned before, we were each assigned a partner for the package swap.  We then had the next couple of weeks to get to know them through their blog and to put together a package for them.  The real kicker though was that it was a secret!  We weren’t supposed to reveal who we were to our partner so that they would be totally surprised when they got their package :)

My partner was Bethani of Cheers, Bethani and when I read her About page on her blog I discovered that we liked a lot of the same things!  I had a great time shopping for her and putting together her package. Take a look below!

All the little goodies wrapped up and ready to go

I painted this plain white cardboard box with stripes so it would look prettier

Making a card for Bethani

The person who sent my package was the lovely Teaka of Life Like Honey.  First of all, I loved that her package was covered in a bunch of Canadian stamps- it was so cool!  Inside the package I found that she had sent me several thoughtful gifts, including chocolate, magazines you could only get in Canada, and a beautiful scarf (that I’ve gotten so many compliments on!).  Thank you again Teaka! :D

It was so much fun to participate in Send Something Good!  I really enjoyed putting together my package for my secret partner and getting to know her through her blog.  It made me so happy to hear that Bethani loved the package I sent, as I loved the package I received from Teaka!  Thank you again to Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn and Kristy for putting together this amazing project- I’m already itching for the next round! :)

Check out the links below to see what other people sent and received for Send Something Good!


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  1. jamiebrooke19 says

    I love that you painted the box! That’s a great idea!
    Also, the Texas necklace is adorable ^.^
    jamie brooke

  2. says

    oh em geeeeeee color me jelly, Nnenna! I love packages and I really was so into exchanging packages when I got totally burned a couple of months ago :( Basically, I never got the package I was promised, and I feel like I wasted so much money especially because shipping was so expensive :( BUT!!!! I don’t wanna be negative and I totally am excited for all the goodies that you got!

    • says

      Aww, that really sucks that you got burned in your last package swap- so unfair! :/ You should sign up for the next round of Send Something Good though- the leaders were really good about making sure we send stuff out on time and so many of the packages I’ve seen were amazing :) I bet you would love it!

  3. patience says

    how cute are you with your little yarn ties and round tags??? my goodness

    and that scarf she sent you really is beautiful…i think i saw a pic of you wearing it on instagram or twitter or something, lol

    • says

      Aww, thanks so much Kaitlyn! I really wanted to put together a pretty package for my partner :)
      Thank you- yes I did post a picture of it on Instagram the first time I wore it! :D