Send Something Good: The Recap!

Send Something Good Recap 1

I’m so excited to able to share with you guys pictures from the package swap I participated in, Send Something Good!  As I mentioned before, we were each assigned a partner for the package swap.  We then had the next couple of weeks to get to know them through their blog and to put together a package for them.  The real kicker though was that it was a secret!  We weren’t supposed to reveal who we were to our partner so that they would be totally surprised when they got their package :)

My partner was Bethani of Cheers, Bethani and when I read her About page on her blog I discovered that we liked a lot of the same things!  I had a great time shopping for her and putting together her package. Take a look below!

All the little goodies wrapped up and ready to go

I painted this plain white cardboard box with stripes so it would look prettier

Making a card for Bethani

The person who sent my package was the lovely Teaka of Life Like Honey.  First of all, I loved that her package was covered in a bunch of Canadian stamps- it was so cool!  Inside the package I found that she had sent me several thoughtful gifts, including chocolate, magazines you could only get in Canada, and a beautiful scarf (that I’ve gotten so many compliments on!).  Thank you again Teaka! :D

It was so much fun to participate in Send Something Good!  I really enjoyed putting together my package for my secret partner and getting to know her through her blog.  It made me so happy to hear that Bethani loved the package I sent, as I loved the package I received from Teaka!  Thank you again to Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn and Kristy for putting together this amazing project- I’m already itching for the next round! :)

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