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Blogger Social Club 1

Forever 21* Necklace, Tee, Skirt // Target* Wedges // Lulu’s* Purse

About once a month, HopeJamillahKim, Kristine, LuzAlex and I try to get together for what Alex has nicknamed the “Blogger Social Club.” Basically, it’s a chance for us to get together (usually in a happy hour setting) and hang out/catch up on each other’s lives. When I realized that my two-year blogiversary was quickly approaching, I called a meeting of the Blogger Social Club so we could have a little celebration! :)

Even though it was hot and sticky that day, Hope, Alex, and I arrived a little early so that we could take outfit pictures in Tompkins Square Park, right across the street from Yuca Bar.  As you can see above, we can get a little silly when we’re in front of the camera :) Also, although I don’t often wear my hair up, it was really too hot that day not to, so I decided to try out this quick and easy braided hairstyle.

(all photos of me above taken by Alex– thanks lady!)

Did you guys have a good weekend? Did anyone watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday? I found the whole thing pretty bizarre, but still interesting at points! I’m a huge Olympics nut, so once I figured out that I can live stream events on my computer (which is perfect, since I don’t own a TV), I’ve pretty much been watching the Olympics coverage nonstop. I also love that they have replays available too, so that I can catch up on events that happened in the middle of the night (EST).  I did tear myself away from the Olympics for a few hours on Saturday to meet up with Alex and Kim in the East Village.  It was Kim’s blogiversay on Friday, so we celebrated with brunch and a little bit of thrifting :)

Tomorrow’s the end of month which means it’s time for the Correspondence Club round-up! Check back tomorrow to see what was sent/received and if you’d like to join the Correspondence Club for August, you still have until tomorrow to send me your information!

  • Thanks for coming out!

    • I was happy to! :) Hopefully on our next thrift trip you’ll have better luck finding something!

  • so so so so jelly. I say it all the time and mean it every single time, too! And I really LOVE your hair up like that, Nnenna! It’s adorable.

    • Thanks so much Laura! I think there is only one solution to this problem- you need to come to NYC! :)

  • Britney Hazeldine

    Your hair looks amazing!!

  • Elana Katz

    Aw, that’s so much fun. I need to find some bloggers close to me and do the same. I love you guys all wore black too! And your skirt and hair are adorable :)

    • Thank you Elana! Yes, I would definitely suggest that you meet up with some local bloggers- great way to turn online friendships into offline friendships! :D

  • Joanne

    Yay! Bloggers club! It sounds like fun – I love catching up with likeminded people. :) And your braid is awesome!

    • Thank you Joanne! I agree, it’s so great to get the chance to hang out with other people who get blogging! :)

  • Jackie Saffert

    Love your hair, nails, skirt and shoes so much! I also love that you live in NYC. I’ve always always wanted to go but have never been!

    • Thanks so much Jackie! NYC is an amazing city- I hope you get the chance to visit one day! :)

  • Haha, I’m so silly. You have to wear this skirt at least one more time before summer is over! Why did you let it moulder away so long?

    • Yes you are :) Haha, you know how I am! Actually, with this skirt I completely forgot about it until I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago!

  • Love your up do! The braids are wonderful! Also, in love with your pretty printed skirt. Sounds like a good time! I wish I had more bloggers in my area to have meetups with! I actually missed the opening ceremony but I have been watching the Olympics quite a bit!

    • Thank you so much! I’m so lucky to have a solid group of blogger friends here in NYC to hang out with :)