Correspondence Club: September 2012


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Wow, I can’t believe that September has already come and gone! This month was a blur, particularly the beginning of the month when I was prepping for and then attending Fashion Week events- which lead me to choose fashion week as September’s theme. Although I sent out my letter a few days late, once all the madness had died down a bit, it was nice to have a moment to sit down and write about my first fashion week experience for my penpal.

Both Christine and Catie wrote about the Correspondence Club this month, so I highly encourage you to check out their posts! Also, if you’re currently a member of the club, you’ve already heard about the special perk that I’ve organized with Kaitlyn of isavirtue (if you didn’t hear about it, shoot me an email to get more information)!

We’re starting a new round this month (you’ll have the same partner for October, November, and December) so if you’ve been waiting to join the Correspondence Club, now is certainly the time!  Do you want to join the Correspondence Club for October?  We’d love to have you!  If you would like to participate in October, please send me your information by midnight on Sunday (September 30th at 11:59pm EST).

  • Monique Viard

    Snail mail is the best, it’s really great you organized this.

    • “Snail mail is the best”–> agreed! :)

  • Katherine

    Yay :) This month was hectic! But Im glad to have joined the club :) Look forward to the next three months :)

    • Yay- glad to hear you’re still having a good time in the club! :)

  • All of the letters look so beautiful! I love how you compile all of the pictures to create these pretty posts, Nnenna. As Katherine mentioned, I’m looking forward to the next three months as well :-)

    • Thanks so much Drea! So happy to have you as a member! :)

  • Ughhh I’m sorry that I’m such a huge fail! Even when I take photos I forget to give them to you :(

    • Haha, seriously- no worries! I will try to keep reminding you!

  • m

    beautiful letters!!