A Halloween Housewarming

A Halloween Housewarming 1

The Saturday before Sandy, my roommate and I threw a Halloween-themed housewarming party at our new apartment. Everyone came dressed up in their best costumes and helped us christen our new place. One of the things I wanted most for our new apartment was to have the space to have friends over and I was thrilled to be able to entertain our friends last weekend. I turned to Pinterest for food and decor ideas and spent the whole day leading up to the party baking lots of tasty treats for our guests. I think I can say that our party was a success and I’m looking forward to the next bash we decide to throw!

Treats galore!

Watch out- zombie zone!

A sailor and Big Bird

Spiderwebs and streamers

A doll and a flapper

Alex near the candy corn and AC (prime spot!)

My roommate as a sexy fireman (yes, that is a child’s costume)

The gals

Sampling a finger cookie

Tell me: What did you do for Halloween this year?