Beantown: A Boston Photo Diary

Boston 1

I had the best time in Boston visiting a good friend from college. The last two times I traveled to the Boston/Cambridge area were for the annual Yale/Harvard football game and were extremely brief visits, and the time before that I was a toddler so I don’t remember the trip at all! I didn’t have a lot of things planned and left our itinerary in the hands of my very capable friend, who was a wonderful guide. Boston definitely has a more relaxed pace than NYC and it was great to slow down a little and explore a new city.

Boston 1

// our first stop on Saturday- The Boston Common // 

Boston 2

Boston 22

Boston 3

Boston 29

// my lovely friend and tour guide for the weekend // 

Boston 23

Boston 4

Boston 5

Boston 25

Boston 6

Boston 24

Boston 7

// Charles Street had the cutest shops and boutiques // 

Boston 8

Boston 26

Boston 9

Boston 27

Boston 10

// my friend knows I love to shop, so we had to stop by Newbury Street //

Boston 12

Boston 13

Boston 14

Boston 15

// so many vintage goodies at the Sowa Market- I really wanted this New York map print! //

Boston 16

Boston 17

Boston 28

Boston 18

// near the waterfront (I felt like there was water everywhere in Boston!) // 

Boston 19

Boston 20

// Cambridge! This area I recognized // 

Boston 21

Tell me: Have you been to Boston?


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  1. says

    I have never been to Boston but goodness, it is so pretty there! I love the trees (especially the one in the second photo) and buildings. Did you pick up anything while you were there?