Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady 1

Crazy Cat Lady 1

Before my roomie and I adopted our kitty Milton, I would say that I was just a cat lady. I thought cats were very cute/adorable, but I wasn’t obsessed. Somehow between then and now, I’ve become a crazy cat lady. Before, I would see something with a cat print on it and I would think, “Oh, that’s so cute!” Now I’m like, “ZOMG! I LOVE IT! I NEED IT RIGHT NOW!” That’s pretty much how I felt about this dress.

Crazy Cat Lady 2

Crazy Cat Lady 3

I am totally not surprised that this dress is popular in the blogging community (I think I’ve seen at least 3 other outfit posts with this dress). I wore this for my second day of NYFW. I was a little hesitant because I thought it was pretty likely that someone else would also show up in this dress, but in the end I decided to go for it. I love the fit-and-flare shape and it’s such a fun pattern that I don’t mind so much if everyone else has this dress too.

Crazy Cat Lady 4

Excuse the mess on top of my head- can you tell it was a little windy

Outfit Details: Jacket and Necklace- Forever 21 | Dress and Sunglasses- H&M | Shoes- BP ‘Trolley’ Ankle Boot from Nordstrom | Purse- borrowed from Alex | Lips- Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in #2 Flirty Kiss | photos- Delayed Missives

Tell me: Do you steer clear of clothing that lots of people own or does that not affect your purchasing decisions?


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  1. says

    I think the cat print is super cute, and you are the first blogger i’ve seen in it!
    sometimes i really like something until i see everyone has it, and then I lose interest. but I have enough unique pieces in my closet so that even when I want to throw on something every other blogger on the internet has, I feel like it’s at least unique in my styling.

  2. Jenmarie says

    Usually I tend to like smaller prints but this is super cute! I am not a cat person so I’d never wear it but it really is darling and I love the flared out skirt too! I’m sure you made many heads turn :)

  3. Katherine says

    I don’t think it affects my purchasing but I like to be unique in the way that I dress :) That cat dress is so pretty :)

  4. says

    If I’m absolutely IN LOVE with something then I don’t really care if other people have it because I know I’ll rock it better ;) lol

    Super cute dress. You can wear it all year round. With tights in the winter and with cute wedges in the spring