• sartorialsidelines

    I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but the idea of hot donuts is sort of making my mouth water…

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Mine too, mine too. It’s probably a good thing this place is in Philly, otherwise I’d be there all the time!

  • http://alwayswithyoo.blogspot.com/ Jane

    looks like an amazing place. i sure do love doughnuts too!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Yes, they’re so delish! I can’t see how you would not like them! ;)

  • http://www.shendove.com/ ShenDove

    Federal Donuts is awesome! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. I live super close to one of their locations in Philly.

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      That place is great! That’s awesome (and probably dangerous) that you live so close to one! :)

  • http://sarastrauss.blogspot.com/ Sara Strauss

    Now my mouth is watering! Hot donuts and fried chicken? Sign me up!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Wish I could send an order of hot donuts + fried chicken to everyone! :)

  • http://fashionyfab.blogspot.com/ Maru (Fashion Fab)

    Oh I want to have a bite! Yum!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      So yummy! I highly recommend it if you’re ever in Philly!

  • http://iamchiconthecheap.com/ Lyddiegal

    What a great concept for a restaurant – I would love to have a real doughnut for a change, and the chicken sounds amazing!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Yes, the menu is simple but the items are extra delicious. Wish they had an NYC location too!

  • http://www.dreamsinhd.blogspot.com/ Molly {Dreams in HD}

    donuts and fried chicken?! oh my gosh, that’s about enough of a reason to visit philly right there :) really gorgeous photos too by the way!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Thanks so much Molly! I agree, from now on, I’m going to try to go there every time I’m in Philly!

  • Jenmarie

    Whoa, hot donuts sound so amazing and I would never guess that eating it with fried chicken would be tasty. Definitely a nice treat, I’m sure! I’d love to try it though I’m afraid to fall too much in love. Ha!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Yes, I’d heard of fried chicken and waffles, but not fried chicken and hot donuts! It was so tasty, but you’re right, very dangerous- I’m still thinking about it a week later! :)

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