Write It Down

chic notebooks, fashion notebooks, black and gold notebooks, simple notebook, pretty journals Since childhood, I’ve kept a journal in one form or another. I usually didn’t write in them consistently (often months would pass between entries), but I kept coming back to them. It’s so funny to look back at what I’ve written years later, when I’m a little bit older and hopefully also wiser.

You know that I’m a fan of all things digital, but I also have a strong love of paper products. I still enjoy writing down my thoughts in a journal from time to time- sometimes you just need to put down your words on paper. I was browsing The Everygirl earlier this week and saw that they’re doing a 30 day journaling challenge in April. I think I want to do it! I currently have a Q&A a day Journal, which is a type of short-form journaling, but it will be fun to challenge myself to write longer journal entries for 30 consecutive days. I have plenty of notebooks already, but that didn’t stop me from browsing for a new one for the challenge.

Tell me: Do you keep a journal? If so, how often do you write in it?

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  1. says

    Yes! I don’t write that often but like you say, I always come back to it. Right now I’m using an app for my ipad but I used to do it on paper. That’s such a good challenge, maybe I’ll join!

  2. says

    I don’t regularly keep journals but I love notebooks for writing lists, goals and ideas. I’ve done this for the past several years and it’s fun to see my goals over time.

  3. Nikki Odeluga says

    I realize that I must have had beaucoup free time in high school because I went from writing every other day to once every other month.

  4. Hope Shores says

    I write almost every day…and I have the set you featured as #2. They’re perfect little notebooks for work. I use Muji notebooks for my creative stuff (or whatever is lying around). I’ve found that having a separate notebook for creative writing helps me distance myself from the type of notes I take for work.

    • says

      I love that you write regularly Hope! Are you usually writing stories, or thoughts/ideas? Also, love that Art Deco set that you have- it’s so pretty!

      • Hope Shores says

        I’ve been working on a few different things…a lot of times I just jot down some idea I think of, but I’ve also been working on some essays and a creative YA project. The separation of notebooks really helps me. I was even separating my pens at first, haha (Muji gels used for creative writing only).

  5. Katherine says

    I love writing in journals and want to join the April 30 day challenge :) I try to write every day but it has stopped recently so the challenge will get me back into it :)


  6. says

    These are so pretty! If my handwriting wasn’t so bad I would maybe consider writing more… although you know how much I like my computer!