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So, I’m feeling pretty good about that post yesterday. I feel like it helped unleash the cork that was bottling up my creativity. All of a sudden, I want to knit again, and I’m feeling excited about dissecting and reconstructing a pattern to make the garment I want. Also, I’m already thinking ahead to how I’m going to decorate my room and planning a couple of DIY activities (hopefully a canopy for my bed and wire line to string up my postcards). I’m remembering now that I like to write down my thoughts and then reflect back on them. Hopefully this creative streak continues, and I actually follow through with my plans.

Upcoming this weekend: Lisbon. I was already excited to visit this city/a new country, and became ecstatic when I found out it is near the beach. I’ve been complaining about my lack of beach time this summer, and at last, my wishes will be fulfilled! I still want to tackle posts about the other cities I’ve already traveled to, but first I need to figure out how to include pictures and all that. Until the next time…

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