Let’s Go!: Reveal #1

Remember hint #2- “sleeker and chicer”?  Well here’s what I was talking about:

new phone case


new computer decals
new blog layout

I’ve also added Disqus because I think it is a better format for comments.  I love reading each and every comment and this way it will be much easier to reply directly to comments.  I’ve been really excited to reveal these changes to you guys- tell me what you think in the comments!  Also, look out tomorrow for another reveal and Wednesday for the giveaway!

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I’m Nnenna and this is my online journal where I write about the books I can’t put down, my personal style, the places I’ve traveled to, the products I love, my favorite spots in NYC, and more!

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  1. NanaJofficial wrote:

    thanks for the comment
    your new computer case is so adorable

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  2. Nnenna wrote:

    oh, hehe, he was just so small that I assumed he was a puppy!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  3. Nnenna wrote:

    thanks so much for your comment, so glad you like the new look! Thanks so much for following- can you please leave me a link so I can visit your blog? Thanks so much!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  4. Howcanifind wrote:

    thx for lovely comment


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  5. Nicola Bakosova wrote:

    love bird:P,this isnt puppy,he had four years:):)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  6. Sabrina O. wrote:

    Wow, what an amazing new Macbook case!!
    Love it!!

    Sabrina O.

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  7. Esther wrote:

    hey sweet thanks so much for coming by to my blog :) love the comment! it makes me happy :D please come by again anytime! I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LAYOUT :) full of stars! it looks so cool!

    ps. im now a follower! :) please follow me back? :) XXXX ?

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  8. Henar wrote:

    I love your new layout, clean and beautiful!!


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  9. Frozen fashion wrote:

    Yes it is time for out with the old and in with the new! What a great name for your blog!

    I look foward to following you


    Check out my great "Wool And The Gang" Give Away


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  10. vicissitudinilombarde wrote:

    Thank you for the comment ^__^

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  11. Preity wrote:

    love the mac case…i think i should definitely get one of those awesome looking case for my mac…
    lovely blog u got

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  12. Christina Key wrote:

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! :> Can we follow each ohter? x)
    Thanks! XX

    Best wishes,
    CK from


    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  13. zarna wrote:

    this is all very sleek and chic! i love that computer case!!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  14. Beatrice wrote:

    your new laptop decal is just so adorable!!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  15. Sophi Newman wrote:

    disqus is a better format… I'm thinking about doing some revamping over the break. I've only got 3 weeks though, so we'll see if I can get over my lazies. I love your new ipod case! In fact, all of your "updates" are great :)

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  16. pop champagne wrote:

    Disqus is better formatting of comments but it makes people have to log in the extra time to comment :( anyways I do like your new iphone case and new laptop and new blog format very much!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  17. nancie wrote:

    the new phone case is so cute!

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  18. emma wrote:

    love the new layout, and the computer case is too cute
    Scrapbook de la Emma

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply