On Nnenna’s Nails #3: Silver Sparkle

I’m back at it with the glitter nail polish!  This was one of those lazy manicures- I started with this awesome silver color by Zoya Nail Polish that I picked up during Blogger’s Night Out.  Zoya Nail Polish is seriously amazing: it glides on so smoothly, looks fantastic with just one coat, is not too thick, and lasts for days!  I was going to stop there, but then I decided to jazz it up with this glitter polish.  I love the big glitter flakes and also how they are scattered sort of randomly- it’s like someone threw little confetti on to my fingers and they stuck!

Zoya Nail Polish Tao and Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters

Hope you guys have a great weekend!  Anybody have fun weekend plans?  Also, if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you know that I went to a couple of fun events this week, so check back next week for recaps! :)

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  1. Carrie wrote:

    Cute and perfect for the holidays!
    I can’t recall the last time I painted my nails, but I love to see what you do with yours. :)

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  2. Rachel wrote:

    How can one ever go wrong with sparkles? Okay, it does kinda suck when you spill it on your food.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  3. I’ve been playing around with glitter nail polish recently and I totally think I’m hooked…

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  4. Cat wrote:

    Beautiful babe. :)

    Love all this sparkle for Christmas! xx

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  5. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new nail color from Joe Fresh!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  6. R. Chandra wrote:

    very pretty.. i just love grey / silver. :)

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  7. Love this – so pretty and sparkly!!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  8. M wrote:

    LOVE this!!!
    but so bad at painting my nails :(



    Posted 12.17.11 Reply
  9. Monique wrote:

    Nenna your nails look amazing! I love the gray and sparkles together!

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  10. Larissa wrote:

    Wow! these are pretty!! I bet it would look great with deep purple too as a base. Thanks!

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  11. SUPER cool, and so fun – i like :)

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  12. Sophia wrote:

    It is so unique and I like it. Maybe it is much better if the whole effect is pink.

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  13. Ooh love it! It would be perfect for new years!

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  14. Jas wrote:
    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  15. Denise wrote:

    How awesome that you attended this and got to meet keiko lynn! I’m a huge fan!!!

    I love your nails as well!! You look lovely as usual :)



    Posted 12.20.11 Reply