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When you’ve been gone for so long, it can be difficult to come back. But I figured, let’s just dive right back in!

Well, it seems like I just can’t quit this blog yet. Every time I think I’m ready to let go, something just holds me back. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I missed writing and having this creative outlet.

So, I’ve written a new post for the first time since January. I can’t promise that I’ll stick to any sort of posting schedule, but I do have a few ideas circulating for new posts. For example, I enjoy writing down my thoughts about the books I’ve read and having those reviews to look back at. I’m working on writing reviews for all the books I read since my last books post, and plan to share those on the blog in the coming weeks (check back on Friday for the first one!).

Listening: Ever since I heard it on Insecure, I’ve been listening to it nonstop: “Make it Out Alive” by Nao (feat. SiR).

Watching: I just binge watched all of Sharp Objects this weekend and holy cow. It was so good. All of the acting in that series is superb, but Amy Adams just really blew me away. The raw emotions she portrays in her character, Camille, are simply heartbreaking. And that final episode had me shook. I read the book several years ago, so in theory I knew how it was going to end. But I didn’t remember all of the plot, so the ending totally caught me off guard. That was really excellent television (beautifully shot and edited), and it’s well worth a watch.

Reading: Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton. It’s about a woman named Louise, who lives in NYC. She meets a beguiling young woman named Lavinia, who invites Louise into her rich and glamorous world. Louise and Lavinia’s friendship is fast and intense, and they may not both make it out alive… I’m enjoying this so far. I understand the kind of person that Louise is, so I’m really curious to know what happens to her.

Eating: I’ve been working on changing my eating habits and trying to eat healthier. I tried the keto diet for a couple weeks, and I’m working on a whole post about that because it was quite the interesting experience for me. Do you guys have a resource you use for easy, healthy recipes?

I’d love to hear about any life updates that you feel like sharing in the comments below. Also, does anyone have any upcoming trips planned? I’ve got a couple things cooking on the backburner, but still need to finalize some plans.  I definitely have the itch to take another trip or two soon!

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