Kensie Jewelry Preview

Kensie Jewelry Preview 1

Kensie Jewelry Preview 1

I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend a preview event for the Kensie Jewelry 2013 collection last Friday! I headed straight from work to the event and when I arrived I was immediately delighted by the decor in their showroom. The decorations were pretty and whimsical and in the center of the room there was a huge table full of sweet treats, including my fave mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa and macarons.

Kensie Jewelry Preview 13 Kensie Jewelry Preview 2

Kensie Jewelry Preview 10

On top of the lovely decorations, the jewelry on display all around the room was so pretty! There are so many pieces that I would happily wear.  It was hard to pick favorites, but if I had to I would choose the fantastic black fringe necklace (first picture) or the necklace with spikes and chevron cutouts (below).

Kensie Jewelry Preview 14 Kensie Jewelry Preview 3 Kensie Jewelry Preview 11 Kensie Jewelry Preview 5 Kensie Jewelry Preview 4 Kensie Jewelry Preview 6 Kensie Jewelry Preview 9 Kensie Jewelry Preview 7 Kensie Jewelry Preview 8 Kensie Jewelry Preview 12 Kensie Jewelry Preview 15

Before we headed home, we were allowed to choose one piece of Kensie clothing and also grab a gift bag with several Kensie jewelry pieces. As if things weren’t already good enough, I won one of the door prizes and received even more jewelry to take home! I had a great time hanging with The NY Collective and I’m not going to tell you how many cupcakes I devoured at the event (it was more than five :O). Thanks so much to Kensie for hosting such a fun preview!

  • I ate soooo many macroons! lol I really loved the lacey earrings and all the mint greens through out the collection. My post on this even is going up later as well lol.

    Anyway hope to see you again..hopefully for longer…SOON!


    • Yes- I feel the same way about mint green anything- love it!

      Me too- are you going to the Beauteeze event next week? Hopefully we can catch up there!

  • I love those lace inspired pieces and the bright colors! Can’t wait to see you style your prizes!

    • The bright colors are so fun- definitely putting me in a spring/summer mood!

  • This jewelry looks so awesome! I love the bold necklaces!!!

    • Me too Nikki- I really want to add more bold necklaces to my collection!

  • Jackie Giardina

    I’ll have one of everything!! lol

    xo Jackie


  • I had a headache for two days after those cupcakes.

    But they were good.

    Next time we should eat first though.

    • I want more cupcakes now!

  • What a fun time! Some of those pieces are really just so gorgeous! I hope you share what you got :)

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