Le Week-end // 03.29.13

Le Week-end // 3.29.13

Le Week-end // 3.29.13

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret- I’m super awkward in real life.  I was really shy as a little kid and it’s gotten better since then, but meeting new people or being in unfamiliar social settings still causes me a lot of anxiety. I’m 100x more comfortable by myself, at home, in my own little space. However, sometimes it’s good to have a little human interaction, right? This week I pushed myself to step outside of my comfort zone and try to be a little more social. And you know what? It was ok!

// I’ve been really bad about cooking for the last couple of weeks (too much ordering out= empty wallet), so this week I tried to get back on track. I tested out Fresh Direct for this first time, which is an online service that delivers groceries right to your door. You can’t beat that kind of convenience, especially since I always dread going to the cramped grocery store near us.

// Is it possible to become even more addicted to coffee? I feel like my coffee addiction level was at medium, but we got a new coffeemaker in the office recently and now I feel like it’s jumped up to high/very high. I usually make coffee at home with my Keurig, but this week I ran out and decided to try the new coffeemaker at the office. The coffee is not amazing or anything, but it is strong and gives me the huge energy boost I need in the mornings. I’m becoming pretty dependent on it, which is not good, but how do you deal with mornings otherwise??

// In an attempt to be social, this week I went to grab drinks with a few coworkers as a little going-away gathering for a colleague who’s leaving. I didn’t really want to go (see above re: awkwardness in new social settings), but my friend convinced me to do it and I’m glad I went. It was nice to talk to people in a non-work environment!

// I finally picked up some flowers from the Union Square Greenmarket- a pair of white and purple crocuses.  I also snagged a teeny little flower shaped succulent. It’s funny how a little thing like flowers can be such a mood booster.

// I saw a beautiful full-skirted formal gown hanging from a fire escape the other day. I regret not snapping a picture of it because the image has really stuck with me the past few days.

// You guys have heard that Google Reader is being axed on July 1st, right? Since the news broke a few weeks ago, I’ve been searching for an alternative. I don’t love Bloglovin’ as an RSS reader and I tried Feedly and didn’t love that either. Now I’m testing “The Old Reader” and so far this is my favorite alternative. The interface is very similar to Google Reader, which I like. The only downside is that there’s a wait to import your feeds into the The Old Reader- I think it took a little over a week for me.

// Since I’m currently obsessed with Sex and the City, I liked this round-up in Vulture of all the things that Carrie wondered about and this interview in Interview magazine with Manolo Blahnik. Side note- does anyone else watch The Carrie Diaries?

// Who else is super excited that Game of Thrones is back this Sunday?! And did you know there’s a GoT fashion exhibit traveling around the world?

// Graphic designer Jose Guizar illustrates windows that he’s seen around NYC and the results are pretty cool. A couple of these windows feel familiar to me- maybe I’ve walked by them before!

// I started Grace last weekend and it’s a really interesting read! I also love how her little illustrations are peppered throughout the book.  Next on my list, The Fault in Our Stars!