Le Week-end // 04.12.13

Le Week-end // 04.12.13

Le Week-end // 04.12.13

Although the week did drag a bit, the weather was so glorious on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that I didn’t really mind so much. I’m looking forward to enjoying more nice weather this weekend, even if the temperature is dipping a bit!

// Last Saturday afternoon I met up with Hope and Alex in Chelsea. We took outfit photos outside of a little park near Chelsea Market then grabbed a late lunch (early dinner? mid-afternoon meal? I’m not sure what to call it!) at a diner called The Diner.

// A few hours later that evening, I went to a birthday dinner at Fig & Olive, at the Meatpacking location. I had a delish raspberry mojito at the bar and the tuna carpaccio for my meal- it was very tasty. The menu is a bit pricy, but the food is good.

// On Sunday, I finally did that closet purge that I’ve been talking about for weeks! Alex came over and saw the utter chaos my room was in- there were piles of clothes everywhere. After I’d sorted everything out, we took two huge bags of clothes to Goodwill to donate. While I was waiting in line to collection my donation slip, I saw that Kim is part of a contest that Goodwill is running this month- check out her post to learn more!

It felt so good to get rid of all those clothes- either they didn’t fit or I never wore them or I no longer liked the style. I’m looking forward to building a better wardrobe only full of pieces that I love. After we dropped off my clothes at Goodwill, Alex and I stopped by City Opera Thrift Shop, which I’d never been to before. I haven’t been thrifting in a while because I feel the clothes tend to be overpriced here in the city, but sometimes you really can find amazing gems in thrift shops.

It was so nice outside that day- when Alex suggested we stop for some fro-yo I decided to treat myself and it was so yummy.  Gosh, I have such a sweet tooth! Then we wandered into Stuyvesant Town to take outfit pictures. Alex and I were both wearing khaki trench coats and big sunglasses, so we jokingly decided we should start calling ourselves “The Trenchcoat Mafia!

// I was in a baking mood this week. On Monday I tried a recipe for mini churro bites and it was an utter fail- I couldn’t get the right consistency. On Tuesday I decided to try a different recipe for sweet scones and success! They turned out flaky and delicious, especially with a little bit of strawberry jam on top.

// I loved this post by Grace of Stripes & Sequins on 10 classic items to buy for spring. I do need to update my wardrobe for spring and summer and I hope to be picking up a few of these pieces over the next couple of months.

// Have you guys read any of The “Series of Unfortunate Events” books? HuffPost Books hosted a chat with the author, Lemony Snicket, recently and it was hilarious! If you’re a fan of his then you’ll definitely enjoy reading through the transcript of the twitter chat.

// You guys might not know this, but I LOVE donuts. There’s this donut shop in my hometown that I miss and anytime I go home I always ask my parents to bring me one of their donuts when they pick me up from the airport. I’d like to try this donut recipe sometime, but first I need to get a donut pan!

// The photo at the top was taken in the dressing room of an Old Navy. I didn’t buy that sweater, but it sure is cute and I can’t guarantee that it won’t make it into my wardrobe at some point!