Hot Summer Days



I know it’s not technically summer yet, but in my mind summer started this past weekend! Thanks to summer Fridays (the best) some coworkers and I left work at midday and headed to Trader Joe’s to get some snacks; then we took our chips and salsa to Union Square. After snagging a table, we munched and chatted and spent a little time people-watching. We couldn’t handle the heat for too long though- after half an hour or so we were all burning up! So, we went back to Trader’s Joe’s Wine Shop and picked up some cheap bottles of wine to drink back at my place- the perfect way to spend a Friday.



On Saturday the weather looked nice, so my roomie suggested that we venture outside and soak up some sun. It was super sunny outside, but also very hot and humid! We walked down to Tompkins Square Park to check out a music/art festival that was going on. The very first time I walked through Tompkins Square Park, it was really dark and creepy and there was a screamo band playing. This time around was much better- it was light and bright and people were laying out on every spare inch of grass. We tried that (laying out) for a little while, but within five minutes we were baking in the sun and went off in search of cool treats.

We stopped at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop so my friends could get some ice cream. I was just commenting to a friend how I was looking forward to my first shaved ice of the season, when we stumbled on to the People’s Pops stand on 7th street. I’d totally forgot they had a little stand in the East Village, so lucky me, I got my shaved ice a lot sooner than I expected!


After gobbling up our frozen treats, my friends and I parted ways and my roommate and I headed home. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons because I love when the sun comes out and stays (I am a California girl- I need lots of sunshine in my life!). Although I’m not looking forward to the constant humidity that settles over the city in the summer, I am looking forward to sunny days, summer Fridays, and summer plans!

Tell me: How do you feel about summer? Love it or hate it?

(all images taken by me // arrow graphics via Vmac & Cheese)