Weekly Wishes 02.



Looking at last week’s wishes, I did not do so great. Gosh, it’s only the first week and I’m already slacking! The only thing I crossed off the list was making a hair appointment. I did end up getting my hair done over the weekend and that was definitely a good thing. Now on to this week’s wishes!

This week I want to…

– take care of the things from last week’s list, most importantly buying my plane ticket. I didn’t practice at all with my camera last week (I was so wrapped up in working on the redesign), but I know that this weekend I will definitely have the opportunity to take some pictures (more on that a little further below). Sadly, as far as the apple picking goes, I’m not sure it will happen soon since I have plans this weekend and then the week after that I’m going on a little trip. I haven’t given up hope yet though!

– put together my Halloween costume. I’m planning on mostly using stuff I own, but there are a few little accessories I’d like to pick up if I can find them. I think they’ll really make the outfit.

– get ready for our Halloween party this weekend! My roomie and I threw a party last year and we’ve decided to do it again this year. I’ve been pinning some spooky decorations and treats on Pinterest and I know I’m going to have fun turning some of these ideas into reality.

Let me know your goals for the week in the comments below! 

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