Weekly Wishes 02.



Looking at last week’s wishes, I did not do so great. Gosh, it’s only the first week and I’m already slacking! The only thing I crossed off the list was making a hair appointment. I did end up getting my hair done over the weekend and that was definitely a good thing. Now on to this week’s wishes!

This week I want to…

– take care of the things from last week’s list, most importantly buying my plane ticket. I didn’t practice at all with my camera last week (I was so wrapped up in working on the redesign), but I know that this weekend I will definitely have the opportunity to take some pictures (more on that a little further below). Sadly, as far as the apple picking goes, I’m not sure it will happen soon since I have plans this weekend and then the week after that I’m going on a little trip. I haven’t given up hope yet though!

– put together my Halloween costume. I’m planning on mostly using stuff I own, but there are a few little accessories I’d like to pick up if I can find them. I think they’ll really make the outfit.

– get ready for our Halloween party this weekend! My roomie and I threw a party last year and we’ve decided to do it again this year. I’ve been pinning some spooky decorations and treats on Pinterest and I know I’m going to have fun turning some of these ideas into reality.

Let me know your goals for the week in the comments below! 

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  1. says

    Hey doll, it’s my second go with Weekly Wishes too! ^_^
    It sounds like you’re a very busy lady, so I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself for not achieving your goals from last week. What are you going to be for Halloween? I’m making my costume too. My friend is having an Alice in Wonderland theme so I’m going to be the Cheshire cat.
    Get that plane ticket girl! I hope your party is oodles of fun :)

  2. Ali Mackin says

    Oh my I gave up on Halloween. After being snowed out two years in a row (which never happens in NY) and Sandy I threw in the towel. I had a costume planned two years in a row that I never wore. But finally to wear the bunny ears in my about photo shoot.

    Ali of


    • says

      We had our party last year just days before Sandy and I remember being so concerned about the weather! Well, the good thing is that you could totally use those costume ideas later if you wanted to :)

  3. says

    This is my first time on your blog, and I think I am in love! I need to get myself some Halloween costumes, just don’t know what I’m gonna be!