Weekly Wishes 03.

Weekly Wishes 03. star-crossed smile

Did you guys have a good weekend? My entire weekend was taken over by the Halloween party (hence no new post yesterday), but I’m back today with a new set of goals for the week. I did pretty well with last weeks wishes since most of them were Halloween-related. I would say the party was generally a success and I liked the way my costume turned out (a post on that coming later this week).

This week I want to…

– start a new book. The last book I read was pretty good, but also a bit dense, so now I’m in the mood for something a little lighter. My book club is meeting this week, which I’m excited about. We’re taking turns selecting the book we read and it’s my turn next. I already know what I’m picking, now I just have to actually buy the book!

– shop around for a dress for the wedding. I haven’t been to a wedding since I was a kid and I’ve never really been to the wedding of someone I know well, so you could say that my knowledge of weddings in general is pretty limited. I’ve asked about what I should wear and now I just need to find something appropriate in the next 7-10 days that won’t break the bank. If you have any ideas on where I should look, I’m all ears. Eeesh, shopping on a deadline is hard- wish me luck!

– try something new with my hair. I’m often rushing in the mornings and I don’t usually take the time to do anything with my hair other than straighten my bangs. It’s always fun to switch things up though, so I want to try something else. I’ve got a few ideas- nothing complicated, just a hairstyle that at least looks a little different from the usual.

Tell me: What are your goals for this week?