Sunday Morning

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For this installment of How We Do, a lovely series created by Hanna and Trina, we’re talking about how we spend our Sunday mornings.

On Sundays I love to sleep in, although I usually wake up naturally between 8 and 9am. I’ll get up and make a cup of tea (I’m really into peppermint tea at the moment), and then get right back into bed. The weekend is always for catching up on my TV shows, so I’ll do that for an hour or two until I’m fully awake. Some Sundays, instead of reaching for my computer, I’ll reach for my current book and read for a few hours. It just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

Once I’ve roused myself out of bed, I’ll jump in the shower and wash my hair, so I can let it air dry throughout the day. Sunday is typically pancake day, so I’ll whip up a small batch of pancakes for breakfast. After I’ve showered and eaten, I can really get my day started.

Sunday is also blogging day, so I’ll work on editing pictures and writing posts for the week. This is typically when I sit down and plan out my posts for the week, or at least for the first half of the week. And that’s how I spend my Sunday mornings!

Tell me: What do you usually do on Sunday mornings?

How We Do- Sunday Morning

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  1. Jenmarie says

    I love this idea! Will the series be continuing with various topics? Let me know :) I LOVE the days where I can sleep until I wake up naturally without an alarm!

  2. says

    I love that your Sundays are pancake day! Mine use to be, but definitely considering bringing it back. :)

    So happy that you joined Hanna and I, I absolutely loved reading all about your Sunday morning! Sounds relaxing and a lot like my own. :)

    I’ll add your blog post to mine this afternoon! xoxo

  3. says

    I’ve been loving how this series is being spread around! I absolutely wish I could sleep in more often on Sundays. I’m definitely a brunch type of girl. :)

  4. krystal/ says

    fun series! i wake up, say hello to the boys who are all already up! then i make coffee and we all eat breakfast :)

  5. Nikki Odeluga says

    10-12pm Where am I?
    12-2pm I’m NEVER drinking again.
    2pm Wait, it’s Sunday?
    2-4pm Focus on getting better so that I can study.
    4-5pm But Áñya is SOOO cute!
    5-7pm First meal that’s stayed down all day! -feeling accomplished
    7-12am Reading four chapters about neuron development via binge watching season three of Scandal, i.e. no reading actually happened.

  6. Amy (Oh, My) says

    Oh this sounds lovely. I usually sleep in, then make a cooked breakfast with the husband (with our ‘weekend morning’ music on), and then either do not a whole lot for the rest of the day, or go out and do something fun. And hopefully no work! :) x

  7. says

    I love that sunday is pancake day. What is your favorite kind? For me its usually a tossup between apple and chocolate chip. Depends on my mood.

    Sunday is usually the day I get all my blog posts together for the week as well.

  8. Jessica says

    Sundays are usually pancake day for me too! Mine usually a classic pancake with a big helping a cinnamon sugar butter and covered in a good quality maple syrup. Also on Sundays I usually catch up on laundry, blog, and do some work for the upcoming week.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights