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Yep. I’ve reached that point where I’m so over winter. My memory is not that great, but wasn’t last winter a lot milder than this? I don’t remember quite so much snow and general precipitation.

What I really want to do is hibernate for the rest of winter. In this dream world, my kitchen would be constantly stocked with coffee, tea, and fresh pastries. I would have a stack of books within easy reach of my bed (I’m currently reading The GoldfinchThe Woman Upstairs and Mastering the Art of French Eating are also in my queue). Warm and snuggled under my blankets, I would watch as the snow fell softly outside my window. Inside it would be quiet and peaceful, with the occasional comforting hiss from the radiator. It would be the perfect time to start a new knitting project- maybe a colorful blanket or a cozy sweater.

I heard that there’s yet another storm headed our way this weekend, so please excuse me while I go into hibernation mode!

Tell me: How do you beat the winter blues?

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  • Jenmarie

    Mmm! I love all this warm and cozy goodness! January was basically pre-Summer over here for me so I’m absolutely welcoming the cold! It rained here today and I was so excited!

    • Haha, how about we trade? You take the snow and the cold and I’ll take the sun/warmth! :)

  • Mary

    These images are beautiful! I did a snowy post today too…trying to find the positives in this winter that seems like it will never end. Hope you stay cozy and warm this weekend. :)

    • Thanks Mary! I did my best to stay warm and dry this weekend :) Hope you had a good weekend too!

  • hehe we just got a ton of snow the last few days and I am ready for sunshine, summer, and of course flip flops. I do love the coziness of winter- don’t you?

    • Sunshine and summer sounds so good right now! But you’re right, I do enjoy certain cozy aspects of winter, like curling up under the cover with a good book :)

  • I’m pretty sure EVERY winter seems worse than the last. I feel like this one has been colder, but if we dodge the snow storm on sunday, then at least this one will have had less snow? (assuming there are no other storms).

    So yeah, I will happily hibernate with you until spring!

    • Hmmm, looks like we’re still on storm watch for later this week. Let the hibernation begin!

  • I think this winter has had more snow, but I’m not sure about temperatures. I don’t think it would be too bad except that I still don’t have proper snow or rain boots… sigh.

    • Proper boots make all the difference!

  • Damn cold, I don’t wanna come outta my bed! This laziness comes naturally hah!

    • Same here! It’s extra difficult to get out of bed in the mornings when it’s this cold.

  • Allie Mackin

    Haha no you are not imaging it. Last winter was MUCH milder. Yes I am over it too. So over it. Love your Lincoln Center pix!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    • Thank you Allie! Glad I was not imagining things! :)

  • Mimi

    I like your dream world, looks cozy and warm:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  • Katherine

    Winter is always hard for me – I definitely get the winter blues! But it also gives you time to snuggle in your bed and enjoy a good book ;)


    • Yes, that’s very true! :)

  • M.Mae

    Winter hasn’t even started yet here! I’m excited for Autumn and have never really been a fan of Winter. M.Mae.

    • I think fall is way better than winter! :)

  • m
    • I know! Will it ever be warm again?!

  • Jessica

    Winter is crazy here. It is snowing here again right now. I would love to hibernate through the rest of winter too.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • We got a little more snow last night too! I’m really really looking forward to spring.

  • I’m tired of this winter weather too! I’ve been coping by reading, planning itineraries for future vacations, trying at-home DIY beauty treatments and watching on movies via Netflix.

    • These all sound like great ways to cope. I really wish I had a vacation to look forward to- it would certainly help beat the winter blues!