Five Summer Goals

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A couple of years ago I made a summer bucket list and I thought it would be fun to do it again this year. Here are the five things I hope to do this summer!

01. Go to a concert- Last summer I went to see Beyoncé and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to (not that I’ve been to tons, but it was seriously amazing). I really enjoy concerts and this summer I’d like to go to another.

02. Go to an outdoor movie- Every summer I say that I’m going to watch a movie in Bryant Park, but it hasn’t happened yet. On one hand, it seems like it’s always super crowded, which is not really my scene. On the other hand, I’m sure I’d have fun if I went. It needs to happen!

03. Go to the beach- It’s not summer if I don’t make it to the beach at least once.

04. Read the Harry Potter books and watch the movies- I’ve mentioned that I’m reading all of the books and I’ve been watching each of the movies as I finish each book. My goal is to finish the whole series before the end of summer.

05. Go to a barbecue- What’s better than grilling your own hamburgers and enjoying an ice-cold refreshment on a nice summer day? There’s no space to barbecue in my apartment, but maybe a few of my friends will get together for a summer potluck in the park.

Tell me: What’s on your summer bucket list?

(images via- Barclays Center, blanket, umbrella, sunglassesbook, grill)

  • Jenmarie

    Nice list! I definitely need to make it a point to go to the beach :)

    • Thanks Jenmarie! Hope we both get a beach day soon :)

  • sartorialsidelines

    My list this summer is pretty simple – I just want to get our new house fully set up and decorated and try to make it out camping at least twice!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    • Ahhh, the best part of moving is decorating :) Good luck with your goals!

  • Ooh I wanna BBQ too!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

    • BBQs are the best! :)

  • I keep saying I want to go to an outdoor movie too. Maybe this is the summer it actually happens :) I’d love to do Shakespeare in the Park again but it’s such a pain to wake up so early to queue for tix.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I’ve been wanting to do Shakespeare in the Park as well, but there’s no way I’m waking up early to line up for tickets. I think they do an online lottery for ticktets too, so I need to try entering that regularly!

  • I love these ideas! Outdoor movies are so fun! I’ve stayed at a couple hotels on vacation where they do this and it’s always great :) Love being in the summer air with a great movie on the big screen!

    • Thanks Natalie! What a cool feature to have a hotel- I didn’t know places did that!

  • I definitely want to see a concert this summer too! An outdoor movie sounds like fun!

    • Yes it does! I need to check the Bryant Park website to see if the summer movie series has already started.

  • Fun list! Never been to an outdoor movie, well I don’t think we have it here. But it sounds like a very fun activity. :) And aahh I want to go a concert too!

    • I don’t go to concerts often, but the few I’ve been too have been such a fun time :)

  • m

    goals! like world cup:) perfect!

    lets’ catch up soon!?

    please enter my giveaway and help spread the word! XO

    • Would love to- when works best for you? I’ll definitely come check out your giveaway :)

  • it’s a great summer list!

  • Great summer list! I definitely want to go to a concert… I haven’t been in SO many years :(

    • Thank you Kim! I always have so much fun at concerts- I’m going to try and make it happen this summer!

  • Great list. Mine would be very similar. I think one of my others is to head to a winery for an afternoon. :)

    • Thank you Sara! Ooo, a winery sounds awesome- I’ve never been to one before!

      • If you like wine, it’s a great little break from city life in the summer. A nice way to relax and learn more about wine. :)

        • Oh, I definitely like wine :) I think it would be a really fun thing to do!