Turning Four

summer, blogiversary, blog anniversay, blog birthday, happiness, celebration Yesterday my blog turned four years old. The first thing I want to say is thank you to anyone who’s ever read a single word on this blog. When I started this, I just wanted a space to document my thoughts. I never knew how important it would become to me, the opportunities I would have thanks to the blog, or the friendships that I would develop with other bloggers.

We all get discouraged from time to time, but at this point I can’t imagine giving up this blog of mine. I put a lot of effort into it, and as I’ve mentioned, I get so much from it. It’s been amazing to connect with and talk to other people who like the same things that I do, whether it’s fashion, beauty, culture, or books.

I think blogging has also forced me out of my comfort zone a little. Those who know me in real life know that I’m a fairly private person, but for some reason, I feel perfectly comfortable putting my life on the internet and sharing it with you here (go figure). I’ve gone to events for the blog and made myself meet new people, I’ve gotten slightly less awkward when taking outfit pictures in public, and I’ve recently started making videos too (still not used to hearing myself speak though!).

I feel so happy when people tell me that they enjoy my blog and I’m proud of the content I create here. If any one of my posts has affected someone in a positive way, I think that’s wonderful.

All right, I’m done with the sappiness. Thank you again to all you lovely readers and cheers to the future!

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