Sick Day

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I used to be one of those people who never got sick. Now it seems like I get sick every few months… What’s going on body? Are you starting to fail me already?

Yesterday I was at work feeling miserable and going through boxes of tissues, then I finally decided to ask my boss if I could take a half day and go home early. She said yes of course, because she’s a reasonable human being, and off I went. I don’t know why, but I feel so guilty when I take a sick day. I think I’ve taken less than 6 sick days in the entire 3 years that I’ve been at my job (and 2 of those happened when I hurt my eye and actually couldn’t see for a bit). At some point, I got it in my head that you had to be near death to use a sick day, which makes no sense. My job is not that important and everything will be fine if I’m not at work for a day or two.

So I’m tucked under the covers, writing this post and trying to push away those feelings of guilt. I thought I’d share my sick day essentials, which include:

– a good book. That’s one plus about being home- having more time to read! I’m currently reading A Paris Apartment which is proving to be a good escape novel so far.

a cozy blanket, because when I’m sick, I’m curled up in bed.

kleenex. And yes, I need the multi-pack set because you don’t even want to know how many boxes I’ve gone through in the last few days.

pajamas. All I want right now is to be cozy and comfortable.

– a lot of tea. Recently, I’ve been averaging approximately three cups a day. Once I feel better, I’ll definitely need to restock my stash (the Paris tea from Harney & Sons is one of my favorites). I like to drink my tea from big mugs and this literary mug is pretty cute.

Netflix. Sometimes being sick turns my brain to mush and I can’t even concentrate on a book, which is when I log on to Netflix and look for something light and easy to watch (image via).

Tell me: What are your sick day essentials?