Weekly Wishes 05.

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I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s Mexico pictures! Even though it’s only been a couple of weeks, it feels like my trip was a long time ago, so it’s been nice to look through the pictures and remember what a great time I had. The second installment from Mexico should be up on the blog later this week and the final part will be up next week.

I missed a week of “Weekly Wishes” while I was gone, but I’m back at it today. The photo theme for this week was memories and I chose the picture above because I also like to collect little mementos when I travel. I save everything, from plane ticket stubs to brochures, and when I get home I tuck them away in a little box in a corner of my closet. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with these little bits of my trips, but I like to hold on to them just in case.

Happily, I was successful with my last set of goals, which involved getting ready for Mexico, taking a lot of pictures, and having a great time. It’s been really hard to settle back into the daily routine, but I think I’m finally getting there.

This week I want to…

– figure out what kind of holiday cards I want to send. Last year, I decorated the cards myself. This year I’m not sure if I want to make them by hand again, or I’ve also been considering designing and purchasing photo cards. Do you guys send holiday cards? If so, have you already started the process?

– start my holiday shopping. Somehow, I already feel like I’m behind, which is silly because we still have several weeks to go before Christmas. Still, I want to get my lists in order so that I’ll be prepared to take advantage of upcoming Black Friday deals.

– start reading The Circle, my pick for book club. I got in lots of reading time on my vacation, which was great, as now I’m one book away from meeting my Goodreads challenge. I also want to come up with a few ideas of snacks to serve at our next book club meeting. Pinterest, here I come!

Tell me: What are your goals for this week?

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  1. Jenmarie wrote:

    Oh, I must’ve missed your Mexico post! I’ll go back and check it out :)
    I already have 5 gifts but I need to get many more. It’s always better to start early, I say.

    Posted 11.19.13 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Yes, so true, that way you’re not crazed when it gets closer to Christmas!

      Posted 11.21.13 Reply
  2. I just caught up with your Mexico post! So beautiful! Glad you have such an amazing time :)

    Posted 11.19.13 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Corina! More pictures coming tomorrow :)

      Posted 11.21.13 Reply
  3. krystal/avillagetown.com wrote:

    aww i’m so jealous of your mexico trip, what gorgeous pics!! i need to figure out my holiday cards right about now, there is always so much on my to do list, ah!

    Posted 11.19.13 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Krystal! I finally sat down and ordered my holiday cards on Tuesday. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

      Posted 11.21.13 Reply
  4. Ahh, figuring out holiday cards is so hard! lol It’s a once a year thing, and I always want everything to be perfect!! I feel like Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier each year, right?! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! ;)

    Posted 11.19.13 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      It really does start earlier and earlier every year! You have such great taste- I know your holiday cards are going to be amazing. Can’t wait to get a peek! :)

      Posted 11.21.13 Reply
  5. I send only send holiday cards to a few people. I lose track of things really easily and I always forget about it until after Christmas, so instead of sending cards to a lot of people I send cars to a few of my closest friends who don’t live nearby. That’s always more manageable! Good luck with your goals this week!

    Posted 11.19.13 Reply
    • Nnenna wrote:

      Thank you Crystal! I’ve made my Christmas card list and ordered my holiday cards so I can check off at least one goal! :)

      Posted 11.21.13 Reply